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Foreclosures in Douglas County. . . Castle Rock

HUD let’s take a DEEPER look at foreclosures in my Town.  That would be Douglas County, Castle Rock, Colorado.  The years I want to focus on are 2009,2010,and  2011

This is MY MATH  FYI!

Castle Rock  2012 estimate puts the POPULATION of CASTLE ROCK at 50,000 within the city limits.  Now if you take 2.5 folks on ave ( in a house hold)  that’s roughly 20,000 HOMES in Castle  Rock.  We are NOT HUGE but still a good number.

2009  Had 842 NED’s Filed and Closed in Castle Rock. 

2010 Had  725  NED’s Filed and Closed in Castle Rock. 

2011 Had 506 NED’s Filed and Closed in Castle Rock. 

The good NEWS is that Foreclosures are Decreasing in our community. 

Robert has a Bit different information and they pull 1 x per year.  NOT all filed NED’s go to sale but between his data and the Public Trustee’s  these stats are close,  with a little bit of margin for error.

2009 foreclosures    2010 foreclosures     2011 foreclosures 
Robert Barton
Economic/Demographic Administrator
Community Planning and Sustainable Development
Douglas County Government

UPDATE 6/1/2012 :  Got another email from Robert, if you have never met him, He is a great guy with alot of Computer knowledge and STATS.  He helped me with my MATH so to speak.  At the CENSUS for Castle Rock:

2.89 is the average size per house hold.  48,231 living in 16,688 homes or households.    There was a 5.23% Vacancy rate at Census which is 938 homes Vacant (total homes 17,626 or housing units).

Who’s the TOP foreclosing GRP??  Castle Stawiarski    they had  450 closings in 2009 and 356 in 2010  They roughly do about half of all foreclosures in our Town.

SO HUD your Kids are not playing well together.  Still too many foreclosures in a TOWN that had few just a couple of  years ago.

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HUD lets talk about PROJECT HERITAGE. . . shall we

PROJECT HERITAGE  click on link

HUD, one of your “children” was Project Heritage.  Attached are STATS from Douglas County Clerk and Recorder and Arapahoe Clerk and Recorder.  I only have looked at 2 Counties so far and well, HUD, Project Heritage was BUSY!!!  There is also Denver County Clerk and Recorder where your “KID” was VERY BUSY.

Douglas County Information gathered from 2000-2005  and Well HUD, that’s where I live so it makes sense I would look in MY COMMUNITY. . .

Oh and Arapahoe was from 1999-2007 mostly everything was 2000-2005 as well but I pulled a little bit more information there.  So let’s see about this KID of yours HUD.  Documents are a FUNNY THING don’t you think? 

Jack Alphonso  Click on link

Now what do you  think is a SUPPLEMENTAL Deed of Trust?  and why would that be on my TITLE WORK but not anywhere to be found on my General Warranty Deed?  In fact if you look up my name, this doesn’t come up.  However when I tried to refinance, my title work was an ISSUE HUD?

PROJECT Click on link

HUD records are a funny thing don’t you think?  In Douglas County I was able to FIND 8 SUPPLEMENTAL Deed of Trust For Project Heritage. 

Let’s see how this works?

9/5/2000  Public Trustee’s Deed (foreclosure)  Douglas CO Public Trustee give’s this DEED to BUYER and that was well YOU HUD.  You bought my house on 9/5/2000 from the Public Trustee bk 1890/1820  Legal 1734-987  CASE 00062135

11/28/2000 First Preston mgmt Inc Sec of HUD- signer BUYER was Project Heritage Inc.  bk 1926/583  Case:  00085037

OOPS HUD. . . . my title work says bk 1926/pg  584  HUMMMMMM?  BINGO. . . .  SUPPLEMENTAL DEED OF TRUST  Project Heritage INC Sold to COMPASS BANK.

HUD, must be in those SUPPLEMENTAL deed of Trust that the construction loans took place?  Those were the loans for, in my case 1 MILLION dollars that got LOST?  Oops wonder what happened to that NOTE?  Would that be a PONZI SCHEME?  Would that be a BEARER BOND?  Hummmmm Just WONDERING. . .

A bearer bond is a debt security issued by a business entity, such as a corporation, or by a government. It differs from the more common types of investment securities in that it is unregistered – no records are kept of the owner, or the transactions involving ownership. Whoever physically holds the paper on which the bond is issued owns the instrument. This is useful for investors who wish to retain anonymity. Recovery of the value of a bearer bond in the event of its loss, theft, or destruction is usually impossible. Some relief is possible in the case of United States public debt.[1]

Oh that is a picture of my dog closing his EYES.  Which is what you may want to do here HUD.  Kids do the DARNEST things don’t they?

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DENIED Rule 120 Hearing In COLORADO


The Thing about a Rule 120 Hearing is that even after you get a DENIED by the Judge, you still have to stay on TOP of your file.  The lender posted a POSTPONE SALE with the Public Trustee on May 21,2012  for a new sale date of 6/27/2012.  They Have NO RIGHT to postpone after a JUDGE has RULED DENIED in a rule 120 hearing.  If you go to the Court in Colorado and go to the FILES, you can get a copy of the ORDER.  At the TOP of the Order is the Following from the Judge “The Moving Party is hereby ORDERED to provide a copy of this ORDER to any pro se parties who have entered an appearance in this action within 10 DAYS from the date of this ORDER.”  There is another page to this ORDER which states ” this document constitutes a ruling of the court and should be treated as such!!!

PNC BANK… BRING IT…cause that is how the MIDDLE CLASS ROLES in  this NEIGHBORHOOD of FOUNDERS VILLAGE. . . . . . . . . .

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Thomas Jefferson. . . .LIBERTY

“When People fear the Government, there is TYRANNY; When The Government FEARS the people, there is LIBERTY.”  Thomas Jefferson

Hummm Jefferson had some interesting Opinions and I would have liked to meet him. . .

HUD just a quick question?  Is it true that there  hasn’t been a GENERAL  ADUIT of HUD done since 1984?  Just wondering if that statement by Stewart Webb (Federal Whistleblower) is True?

“The State of Colorado has been pushing to reinvestigate a lot of old HUD cases at the Attorney General’s instigation, now that Gail Norton is gone. Gail was the State Attorney General of Colorado and she blocked any attempt to reinvestigate HUD fraud, and now she’s moved over to the law firm of Norman Brownstein.” webb

So there you have it HUD, your Family Business is NOW in the PUBLIC eye.  You have Political Parties making decisions not based on the Communities but rather their own agendas.  What started out, when you were born, as a great idea has had some tragedies as well. 

HUD, can you WAKE UP and take a stand here!  You were a CUTE BABY back in 1968 but now you must take responisibilty for your “CHILDREN” as they are HURTING the communities you are trying to help!!!

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HUD WhistleBlower. . . . . .

HUD do you remember when you were a KID?  Now I have to say you are actually YOUNGER than me.  Yes that’s right. . . . see I was born in 1960 and well you were “DISCUSSED” between 1966-1967.  So your parents talked about “having” you but you really weren’t born until the Federal Fair Housing Act on April 11,1968.  I guess that would technically be your BIRTHDAY!

Congress, your parents, the  one’s who separated your girls (Fannie and Ginnie) regularly considered you but I guess they never really had SEX.  Maybe Congress has SEXUAL issues IDK?

You see, I grew up on the SOUTHSIDE of CHICAGO.  Yes I live in Colorado NOW, but my roots are from the SOUTHSIDE.

A Tragedy struck ,in Chicago, on April 4,1968.  You couldn’t possible remember that since you weren’t born yet.  Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.  I was 8yrs old than.  Hud you were born on April 11,1968 thanks to President Lyndon Johnson.  Was he your grandfather?  Just wondering. . . . .

You were born among the “RIOTS” throughout the USA and your very first name was FAIR HOUSING ACT. . . .did you know that?  President Nixon (was he another of your grandparents) appointed GEORGE ROMNEY as Sec. of Housing and Urban Development.

Samual Simmons was the Asst. Sec. for Equal Housing Opportunity.  I guess that would make Romney and Simmons your “NANNY’s” so to speak.

I remember. . . and with AGE comes WISDOM!  I am “OLDER” than you are HUD, Don’t you forget that, and I have SOUTHSIDE of CHICAGO roots!

What you are Allowing your kids to do is UNACCEPTABLE and I am ready for a FIGHT.

HUD do you remember as a child, what a “tattletale” was?  I can remember kids saying “don’t be such a Tattletale”.  DO you remember?  The terms of a tattletale come to mind like:  betrayer,canary,deep throat,fink,rat,snitch,informer,stool pigeon,etc.

Not very POSITIVE terms as I recall.  A tattletale was a kid who told a secret and they were not supposed to tell that secret.  BIG dilemma for a Child.  Parents would usually step-in and try and explain to a child that it was “OK” to tell. . . .  sometimes.  Still no one ever really wanted to be called a Tattletale.

WhistleBlower is an ADULT tattletale. . . . No Adult ever really wants to be a WhistleBlower but well, as an ADULT, sometimes you just have to do the RIGHT THING!

A whistleblower discloses information he or she reasonably believes evidences:     

  • Violation of any law,rule,or regulation. 
  • Gross mismanagement,
  • Gross waste of FUNDS,
  • An Abuse of Authority,
  • A Substantial and specific danger to the Public Safety.

And HUD-just so I make myself CLEAR-your grandfather (FEDERAL GOV) has a program called OSC.  The OSC has the Authority to require the head of the agency to investigate the matter.  I’m just Sayin. . . .

Colorado used to have the proper RULES in place to protect a HOMEOWNER.

Too many of my neighbors have lost their homes in Founders Village, it has been HIT hard.  The stress is HIGH here and the recent ACTS of VIOLENCE involving murder in Bell Mtn,woman killing her children, Husband shooting his Wife are recent.

Seriously, you don’t think this HOUSING collapse has affected anyone….. think AGAIN!

The BANKS are walking away with money in their pockets and my community is suffering left to pick up the pieces.

So yes, I am a tattletale, the kid you hated growing up, with one BIG DIFFERENCE, my parents, on the SOUTHSIDE, taught me the difference of when to TELL and STANDUP and fight when that SECRET is HARMFUL!

BRING IT. . . . that’s how the MIDDLE CLASS ROLES. . . . . . .

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Verified Indemnification Agreement. . . .

HUD, seriously. . .  do you really think Disciplining your “KIDS” by allowing a Verified Indemnification Agreement of the Public Trustee of Douglas County, Colorado was APPROPRIATE.  I mean Really?  Do you know DR.PHIL?  he has some good advice on his website. . . .

Number 5 on his web site talks about LOGIC. . . . .

5. Use Child-Level Logic.
Explain your values in terms your child can understand. Take the time to explain the reasons behind why you are asking he/she to behave in certain ways — if your child understands the kinds of behavior you’d like them to avoid, they’re more likely to apply that reasoning to different situations, instead of learning to stop one behavior at a time.

Those are just some thoughts. . . maybe you could think it over BECAUSE the Indemnification Agreement for PROJECT HERITAGE means well, OOPS they lost their CONSTRUCTION NOTE.  Yes, they LOST a $1,000,000.00 NOTE on my house and really if you look at it a little closer, HUD it could be well how should I say this KINDLY, more than THAT!

UPDATE:  PROJECT HERITGAGE Lost million dollars OOPS  click on link

Now HUD, I know that booking keeping can be cumbersome, and well KIDS do make a HABIT of causing ERRORS, but seriously, on MY HOUSE?  In order to refinance, LAND TITLE couldn’t find the NOTE that YOUR KID “PROJECT HERITAGE” had tied to my DEED OF TRUST.  OOPS that means you lost at least a MILLION DOLLAR NOTE there.

And if you take a CLOSER LOOK, HUD, you might find something else. . . I’m just SAYING. . . .  it might be worth a look!!!

Where as the LAWS of the STATE OF COLORADO (CRS 38-39-102(3)(c) 1992 provide as Follows:  “3.  With respect to either subsection (1) or (2) of this section, if such original evidence of debt cannot be produced, the PUBLIC TRUSTEE may accept one of the following in lieu thereof. . .  (c) An indemnification agreement from a title insurance company stating that the title insurance company has caused the indebtedness secured by the deed of trust to be SATISFIED in FULL”.

Oh I see HUD, as long as you use that CRS 38-39-102(3)(c) well than loosing ONE MILLION DOLLARS is well OK.  Thanks. . . . .  does that mean I have a Clear title?  Well. . I’m just wondering . .It is MY HOUSE we are discussing when it comes to your KIDS . . BUT it gets PROJECT HERITAGE off the hook so to speak. . . . I guess hanging on to an ORIGINAL MILLION DOLLAR NOTE is hard with those DARN KIDS NOW A DAYS. . . . . .

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M and T Mortgage AKA One M&T Plaza, Buffalo, New York 14203

Let’s Discuss your CHILDREN for a moment. . . . HUD  When we talk about these “kids” now a days well seems like we need to discuss what they are UP TO if you know what I mean.  As a “PARENT” HUD I think you would agree that kids can do some CRAZY things and well your KIDS are no different.

Securitizing a LOAN is what they have been up to and I think we need to discuss this a bit further:

Securitizing a Loan

“Securitizing a loan is the process of selling a loan to Wall Street and private investors. It is a method with many issues to be considered, especially tax issues. The methodology of securitizing a loan generally followed these steps:

  • A Wall Street firm would approach other entities about issuing a “Series of Bonds” for sell to investors and would come to an agreement. In other words, the Wall Street firm “pre-sold” the bonds.
  • The Wall Street firm would approach a lender and usually offer them a Warehouse Line of Credit. This credit would be used to fund the loans. The Warehouse Line would include the initial Pooling & Servicing Agreement Guidelines and the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement. These documents outlined the procedures for creation of the loans and the administering of the loans prior to, and after, the sale of the loans to Wall Street.
  • The Lender, with the guidelines, essentially went out and found “buyers” for the loans, people who fit the general characteristics of the Purchase Agreement,. (Guidelines were very general and most people could qualify.” The Lender would execute the loan and fund it, collecting payments until there were enough loans funded to sell to the Wall Street firm who could then issue the bonds.
  • Once the necessary loans were funded, the lender would then sell the loans to the “Sponsor”, usually the Wall Street firm. At this point, the loans are separated into “tranches” of loans, where they are then turned into bonds. Then, they went to the “Depositor”, usually either the Wall Street firm or back to the lender through as separate entity, and then they would be sold to the “Issuing Entity” which would be the created entity for the selling of the bonds. Finally, the bonds would be sold, with a Trustee appointed to ensure that the bondholders received their monthly payments.”

I thought this was explained well on the internet by someone..thank you to who ever is blogging!!!!

Now About this M and T Mortgage. . . . . M and T Mortgage Corporation, was my initial LENDER when I purchased my HOME in 2001.  I purchased my home through a program by well, HUD SPONSORED, through Project Heritage.  I was told back than that I “HAD” to use M and T Mortgage to quailfy.  Hummmm since when does ANYONE HAVE to use any lender?  Well, let’s just say I’ve learned alot since then.  I was a first time home buyer and NOT a Realtor yet.  I became a Realtor as I began to figure things out and I wanted to make a difference in this MARKET.

I’ve tried to explain the Process of Securitizing a Loan ( simply way) so that you might understand that each Securitized Loan, has the ownership of the Loan transferred two,three,times minimum, and without  assignments executed for each transfer.  The purpose of such a convoluted process was so that the “ENTITIES” selling the bonds could become a “Bankruptcy remote” vehicle, protecting lenders and WALL STREET from harm, and also creating a “TAX FAVORABLE” investment entity known as an REIMC.  Well that’s the General idea.

Enter those MER CHILDREN of yours HUD.  Or better known as MERS.  That’s another topic to BLOG about later. . . .

WAS M and T Mortgage (aka One M&T out of NEW YORK) the ORIGINATOR of this?  Hummmm well let’s take a look shall we……

M and T Mortgage Corp. PRE-sold my NOTE and DEED OF TRUST to First Nationwide on Jan 18, 2001.  However according to Rules and LAWS they had to notify the Borrower (ME).  So they were not able to sell on paper right away.  4/1/2001 would be the earliest they could.

Now Citimortgage  is well a PARENT of FIRST NATIONWIDE.  HUD, I gotta say, these “KIDS” and “PARENTS” well have issues……The reason I am telling you (HUD) is well these realationships are Under FHA.  AS my LOAN was a FIXED RATE FHA LOAN.  So you see HUD maybe you need some “CURFEW” times for those kids, some kind of SUPERVISION might be nice as well.  As you know, Kids very well can do the DARNEST things…Don’t you think?

Back to M and T MORTGAGE.. . .  They endorsed my NOTE IN BLANK?  Hummm wondering why they did that?  WELL….. come to find out…..Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) may address this issue, however, it can be argued in the negative:


“Person entitled to enforce” an instrument means (i) the holder of the instrument, (ii) a non-holder in possession of the instrument who has the rights of a holder, or (iii) a person not in possession of the instrument who is entitled to enforce the instrument pursuant to Section 3-309 or 3-418(d). A person may be a person entitled to enforce the instrument even though the person is not the owner of the instrument or is in wrongful possession of the instrument.

Traditionally, when a loan was executed, the beneficiary of the loan on the Deed of Trust was the lender. Once the loan was funded, the Deed of Trust and the Note would be recorded with the local County Recorder’s office. The recording of the Deed and the Note created a Public Record of the transaction. All future Assignments of the Notes and Deed of Trust were expected to be recorded as ownership changes occurred. The recording of the Assignments created a “Perfected Chain of Title” of ownership of the Note and the Deed of Trust. This allowed interested or affected parties to be able to view the lien holders and if necessary, be able to contact the parties. The recording of the document also set the “priority” of the lien. The priority of the lien would be dependent upon the date that the recording took place. For example, a lien recorded on Jan 1, 2007 for $20,000 would be the first mortgage, and a lien recorded on Jan 2, 2007, for $1,500,000 would be a second mortgage, even though it was a higher amount.

Oh so that’s why your KIDS decided to put into play a BLANK NOTE.  HUD seriously, a BEARER BOND, on my Mortgage?  I’d like to think that is NOT how we do BUSINESS in COLORADO, but well it was in 2001.

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Catherine Austin Fitts. . . Someone to Admire!

So HUD about those Children of yours. . . . They really ARE NOT playing well together. . . .

Catherine Austin Fitts, is someone I have read about and well you just have to Admire for the work she has done with HUD and the ability she has to stand up and be counted!

She thought that  “MAYBE” they want to keep doing property disposition because when you SELL PROPERTY, the BUYER gets the file and sees what goes on”.

“If you foreclose, the Mortgage can be torn up and disappear.  If there is or was FRAUD on the Mortgage, you don’t want the file TRANSFERRED or SOLD.”

When Cuomo took office (HUD) “the OlD HUD cash cow for political friends system”.. could be put back into place.  He wanted everyone to know “ZERO tolerance for waste,Fraud, and abuses” at HUD

So I am taking a BIG risk in exposing UNCLEAN HANDS but I have to Believe that HUD, our Government, well, can take care of those UNRULEY CHILDREN.  At least that is what I am hoping.

Fitts was told by an informat in 1997 or so “that THEY take 20 houses in a neighborhood and issue 10 Mortages on each house,then they issue MBS (Ginne Mae has between 96-99% of all FHA Insured MORTGAGES)  Those MBS are now with 200 mortgages.  They churn defaults, one of the mortgage on each house,to generate the money to pay for debit service for the Mortgages on the 200 houses.  You have all these collateral mortgages outstanding,paying debit service not with legitimate property cash flow but with FHA INSURANCE proceeds.”

Hummmm that would make sense since even though a Judge has “RULED” motion authorizing foreclosure denied , the LENDER (lawyers) filed a continuance in Douglas County Clerk and Recorder.  I asked how long can they do that?  The Deputy told me up to 12 months.  Hummmmm

SO if you Default the mortgage, the lender makes an insurance claim against FHA an that gives them cash.  Well I certainly didn’t want this LENDER to KEEP getting PAID on their UNCLEAN HANDS. . . .

So I filed with the Attorney General here in Colorado, the OCC, and HUD.  HUD I hope you are listening. . . . This Lender wants you to still pay them for their UNCLEAN HANDS, let’s see that would be through TARP funds to take over National City Mortgage (by PNC) and then monies for a FALSE loan Modification recorded with HUD, and finally a Claim on FHA for Default, with the INTENT of foreclosing, getting “made WHOLE” and giving the house back to HUD to SELL.

THE RULE 120, if denied, keeps your mortgage intack and UNCLEAN HANDS more likely to be addressed!  That is my HOPE!

HUD I hope you are listening as your CHILDREN have ISSUES. . . . . Is  that a PONZI SCHEME?  HUD your children may seriously need THERAPY????

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Colorado Rule 120 Hearing May 11,2012 WON!

Rule 120 click on link!

     Case Number 2012CV000415  PNC Bank National Association vs ME

Yes, I too had a RULE 120 HEARING on May 11,2012 in Douglas County District Court with the Honorable Judge Paul King.  A rule 120 hearing is VERY Narrow in Scope as I was told by Both the Judge and The Lawyers (Michael MedVed) for PNC Bank National Association, Assigns,etc.

I had been tired of all the foreclosures in my Neighborhood, the Short Sales, and the family stories of what was happening right now.  I decided to take a stand against “BANKSTERS” and I will be the first to admit, not at all sure this fight was going to be worth it.  The COST was very great as I could loose my home in this process.

How else does a HOMEOWNER fight UNCLEAN HANDS?  Well I strongly believe that it starts with SOMEONE and well that someone is ME.  I decided to FIGHT.  I read alot of information on the internet regarding a rule 120, talked with alot of lawyers, and researched alot of information from the County Clerks office.

On Court day I was a nervous reck as you can image.  Not at all sure about ANYTHING in court, how things would go, what the procedures were, etc.  I was taking a Stand though, and I had strong information to bring before a Judge.

The Lawyer’s Rep (from Michael Medved) was there representing PNC bank.  She greeted me before we went into the court room.  She handed me a “PAPER” to look over saying she always liked to show folks before they went into the court room.  Hummmm  It was the Original NOTE signed by me and she pointed out “BLUE INK” signature.

Hummm. . .  I guess that was presented to me for 1 of 2 reasons:  One if I thought my defense was the PRODUCE the NOTE, well she wanted me to know she had it, or TWO to intimidate me prior to going into court.

We went into court and I asked her where I was to sit?  She said you’re the DEFENDANT, so you sit there.  Ok, not really knowing much about Court, I thought asking where to sit was a good question.

As the Court or proceeding began, both the lawyer and Judge pointed out to me that this Rule 120 was VERY NARROW.  I could see that already because I thought I had 1 hour but when I arrived at court there was 1/2 hr scheduled for my hearing and someone right after me.  The Lawyer explained, well normally these cases go pretty fast and the Judge may have thought 30 mins was enough time.

The Lawyer did her “thing”  talking about the original NOTE for 2002 and Deed of Trust and the Adj rate rider.  She brought on the PHONE a Mortgage Officer for PNC to talk about my loan,history,etc.  Than the Judge asked me, do I have any questions.  Yes, your Honor, I do have 1 question.  Ok he said come up here since the Speaker phone was on his desk.

I introduced myself to TJ ( the PNC rep on the phone) and reminded him that he was in a Court of law and it was in  fact the Honorable Judge Paul King’s Court.  He said he knew that.  OK my question. . . . Am I in a FIXED RATE Mortgage or an ADJ rate Mortgage?

He sighed a bit and hesitated… well he said “this note is an Adj Rate Mortgage”.  Not really my question, but either way, his answer was INTERESTING.

I had been working with Douglas County Housing Partners and HUD in the last 2 months.  It seems that PNC MORTGAGE/BANK/MERS told HUD I was in a FIXED RATE MORTGAGE and in fact that Mortgage was a Loan modification.  Hummmm I had check with the Clerk and Recorder in Douglas County and there was no recoding of a LOAN MODIFICATION or this fixed rate mortgage.

So HUD KINDLY sent DCHP an email with the notorized Loan modification that said it was recorded in Douglas County with the new terms,deed of trust that is ( well how can I put this FALSE) recorded with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SECRETARY OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT.

I present that information to the Court and the Honorable Judge Paul King.  and I gave a copy to the Lawyer.  This Loan modification was dated Aug,2010 and the DEED of TRUST (false) said it was recorded in Jan 16,2001.

Not the 2002 NOTE that the Lawyer had filed a Foreclosure on that was recorded.  My evidence was strong, fit in the NARROW scope of a RULE 120 Hearing.  The Judge denied the motion.  AND still the Lawyers are ALLOWED to file a continuance with Douglas County Clerk and Recorder.

I gotta SAY Judge Paul King was an HONEST Judge.  He may not have liked the fact that I was unrepresented, or that this was a Rule 120 hearing which is mostly always approved, he may have even had his own ideas about Defaults, but he listened and looked at the evidence, and made a decision based on what he heard and saw.  That is all I could ask for in a Judge here in my town!

Hummmmmm. . . .

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May 26, 2012 · 8:43 PM

HUD your “children” aren’t playing well together………

No Disrespect HUD, but as a parent, I thought you should know “somethings” about well, your children.  That would include Ginnie Mae (born in 1968) who is about 44 years old  this year, with a middle name of Government National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae, who used to be called FNMA but Congress split them up around the time that Ginne Mae was born, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, RD and PIH.  These are the kids I am familiar with and well ,HUD, they have some ISSUES!

Originally Hud your Daughter Ginne Mae was Born and Had a Sister named Fannie Mae.  Both girls were Cute and well-behaved but something must have happened. . . Was it a Family Feud? 

 I looked up Feudal in the Dictionary :

The feudal system is old-fashioned  refers to the political system that held from roughly the 9th through 15 centuries in Europe. Feudal lords held large territories, and there was no private ownership of land by ordinary individuals. The people living on the land were vassals and subject to the lords. The lords exacted taxes from the vassals based on what the vassals could produce from the land, and the vassals were also expected to remain loyal to the lords in matters of defense, etc. The lords themselves were usually subject to the king, who was in fact the sole owner of all the lands in his domain.
Read more:

Hummm is that when CONGRESS stepped in and separated your daughters?  That must have been difficult but still your Family was Strong and the AMERICAN DREAM was still alive!  Not really sure why you called your daughters FNMA when Ginnie Mae clearly already had a middle name, but families do weird things some times.

So CONGRESS stepped in  and told HUD to Separate the girls.  Fannie Mae would now be responsible for Conventional and Ginne Mae would have FHA,VA.RD,PIH.  I gotta admit your GRANDCHILDREN have well Unique names, tell me ,  did they get “Bullied” in school for having unique names when they were MER CHILDREN?

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