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HUD I gotta say you’re LOOKING GOOD

So HUD, I took a look at just YOUR deals around the same time frame 2002.  I wanted to see if  well, there was something there.

I gotta SAY you get an A++++ when it comes to straight HUD deals from what I am seeing.  Sold by Kathy Mahaffey

  • MLS 637134  5118 Sable Denver, CO 80239   5/3/2002
  • MLS 660288  14845 E 46th  Denver, CO 80249  5/15/2002
  • MLS 625982  405 4th Ave ARAP,CO 80105  5/24/2002
  • MLS 730221  1605 S Quivas Denver,CO 80223  12/06/2002
  • MLS 724211  476 Quitman  Denver, CO 80204  11/26/2002
  • MLS 714855  1486 W Alaska  Denver, CO 80223  11/22/2002
  • MLS 721124  160 S Knox Denver, CO 80219  12/3/2002
  • MLS 711777  1720 Willow St Denver,CO  11/01/2002
  • MLS 678410  107 Irving St Denver, CO 10/25/2002
  • MLS 711745  632 S Patton  Denver,CO 11/01/2002
  • MLS 3320 Mexico Denver, CO 4/18/200
  • MLS 618567  8600 E 19th Denver,CO 80220  1/07/2002 


I got NOTHING here.  SO HUD what’t that tell you?  Hummmmmm? They may not all be “PERFECT” deals but nothing like what I have showed you!

Please DO something about the information I have shared!!!!!!  Let me know that WHITE COLLAR crime is being address in my TOWN!

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Colorado Burning 32,000 people evacuated


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DENVER Still not understanding your WARRANTY DEEDS

Hud, I still am not understanding the Warranty Deeds for like 2002 in Denver?

Project Heritage Denver County    Click on link    This List is From Denver County Clerk and Recorder, google if you want more information or you may have to go in person.  The Staff is really Friendly and Helpful!   The Cost is .25 cents a page to print.

So there are 6x’s Deeds of trusts Grantors from Project Heritage,Inc to Compass Bank/Megabank

  • 1/15/2002  Deed Of Trust/Project Heritage Grantor/ Compass Bank
  • 3/11/2002  Deed Of Trust/Project Heritage Grantor/ Compass Bank
  • 3/21/2002  Deed Of Trust/Project Heritage Grantor/ Compass Bank
  • 4/19//2002  Deed Of Trust/Project Heritage Grantor/ Compass Bank
  • 5/24/2002  Deed Of Trust/Project Heritage Grantor/ Compass Bank
  • 5/24/2002  Deed Of Trust/Project Heritage Grantor/ Compass Bank

(Now Compass Bank took over or bought out MEGABANK at some point)

So you would think HUD, that at some point  Project Heritage would grantor a Warranty Deed to 6 Families?  Right?

However I could only find one Warranty Deed from Project Heritage to the Heritage Center LLC?

11/29/2002  Warranty Deed  Project Heritage-Grantor  Heritage Ctr LLC-Grantee

So I went Looking to see if I could find something else?

12/26/2001  MLS 582012  4129 Nepal, Denver,CO 80219  SOLD

2/1/2002  MLS 627945  4129 Nepal, Denver,CO 80219 SOLD

2/22/2002 MLS 625918  1235 S Ivahoe Denver,CO 80224  SOLD

3/13/2002  MLS 646412  1235 S Ivahoe Denver,CO 80224 SOLD

4/1/2002  MLS 650322  4581 Flanders, Denver, CO 80249 SOLD

5/15/2002 MLS 655069  4306 Netherland Denver,CO 80249 SOLD

All of these homes have a Warranty Deed from Project Heritage.  Why they don’t show up on a Project Heritage Search in Denver County I do not have an answer?

HUD why would that be?  Hummmmmm

UPDATE:  wait a minute…I see something on Ivahoe Way . . .

CHUMLEY had the Warranty Deed on 10/05/1999  and OH RECON-Denver Corporation bought it on 10/15/1999 for $130,000.00 and yes HUD that was an FHA LOAN  and OOPS Recon Denver gave it back to HUD on 11/01/1999  $150,000.00  than Recon sold it to Moises M Herrera on 12/9/1999 for $150,000 FHA Loan, OH this is GOOD than RECON bought it BACK on same day 12/9/1999 for $130,000.  on 11/27/2000  CHUMLEY got a bargin and Sale Deed.  On 10/11/2001 there was a foreclosure and Bank of America got the house back.  BofA gave it back to YOU HUD on 11/29/2001 for $165,924  HUD you sold it to Project Heritage on 3/11/2002 and they sold it quickly(3/21/2002)  for $175,000.00.  It what WORLD does that Happen….EVER?

And it gets even better HUD.  See Project Heritage SOLD house with FHA LOAN and well yeah it went back  to the Publice Trustee on 7/23/2009 from US BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION.  Now this bank didn’t give it back according to recorders it went to AMVESCO X Llc for $160,000  with a special warranty deed on 1/4/2010  AND tadah!  ON 11/24/2010 A WARRANTY DEED for $229,000 to a revocable trust.  OMG are you freakin kidding me. . . I had to add a picture, not thinkin that last price is worth it?  I’m just sayin. . .

The Denver Post has a great Article about RECON DENVER CORPORATION.  try that link

UPDATE:  4306 Netherland  has an Interesting HISTORY.  Looks like it started out as MDC land Corp/Richmond Homes LTD in 1988  On 1/19/2001 it was bought by Donovan Stallings with an FHA loan $165,000 from Bank Of America  but OOPS on 11/19/2001 BofA gave it back to HUD.  YUP that’s in the deed records.  THAN on 5/29/2002 Project Heritage sold it for $172,000

Was Donovan Stallings the same guy in the Crensaw Mafia gangster BLOODS?  Click on link   click on link

I am wondering if that is WHY these would not appear in Denver County Clerk and Recorder?  HUD  . . . Seriously…..are u freakin kidding me here. . . TAX PAYER MONIES. . . I’m just sayin

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Justice for Colorado HOMEOWNERS. . .

I began this BLOG on May 26,2012.  My intention was, and always has been, for Justice!                  31 days ago

The meaning of Justice, in my mind, is a CONCEPT of moral rightness based on ethics,rationality,law,natural law,or equity.

The Meaning of Law, in my mind, is in general, a rule of being or conduct, established by an authority able to enforce its will; a controlling regulation; how we as a society behave, according to what we ALL AGREE is Just.

Each term can be seen differently, each word has many meanings,but these are MY BELIEFS and how I conduct myself in this world.

This BLOG was titled RULE120 because I believe that is the LAST RESORT a homeowner has in COLORADO ( RULE120 Hearing).  It’s the ONLY place I am aware that a Homeowner can stand up for their “rights” against a lender.  There is NO PLACE else a Homeowner has, to share with a JUDGE, UNCLEAN hands of their Lender. Unless they file a law suit, and let’s be honest, a homeowner UNDER distress does not have the resources, normally, to address their LENDER in a lawsuit.

I will be the first to admit this is a MESS. I could blame a ton of folks but that is NOT my intent.  Most middle class folks have a home that is their BIGGEST investment.  Think about that for a moment.  A Home is where memories are made,money is spent,children are raised,neighborhoods  are built, kids should be SAFE,etc.  I believe that JUSTICE must and should be with a HOMEOWNER, not a lawyer,not a collection agency,not the government, and certainly not a LENDER.

I am not perfect, and my some of my co workers will say NEVER innocent.  I have tried to PROTECT the rights of people blogging,writing articles,etc by telling their stories,using their names, giving credit to the ARTIST’s who’s cartoons I believe reflect the here and now!  I am trying to “paint” a picture using PUBLIC RECORDS and hoping not to step on any COUNTY toes with Copyright laws.

I do however want to “STOMP” on injustice,fraud, wrong doing, law breakers,ethic violators,etc.  It’s a fine line…..a balancing act… but that is my INTENT with this BLOG.

I am in the FIRST and ONLY house I have ever purchased through a LENDER.  I was a FIRST time home buyer, qualified through a LOW INCOME program, and BELIEVED that the Government would protect me with a FHA LOAN.  I was not a REALTOR yet, Real Estate was not my chosen field in College, neither was LAW.

I have a bachelor’s degree from ISU and a Master’s Degree from UNC.  I put myself through College since I lost my Adopted parents by the age of 12.  I volunteered through search and rescue in Summit County, and have always found a way to give back to my community, never in the “conventional” sense.

I believe that the MIDDLE class, has STRONG values, but a weak voice.  I am SHOUTING, at the top of my LUNGS, for someone, ANYONE, to LISTEN….Step up….be a MAN HERE…. and protect the Homeowners who can not.  LET a RULE120, operate as it SHOULD, a place where a HOMEOWNER can show the court UNCLEAN HANDS in Colorado.

Collection Lawyers, who know or should know, they are representing a LENDER who has NO LEGAL right to take their equity home MUST have to FOLLOW that LAW. 

A LENDER who doesn’t control the NOTE or DEED of trust doesn’t have legal standing to INITIATE a foreclosure.  PERIOD, end of story. 

Colorado Law tries to address this issue by requiring those INITIATING a foreclosure to CERTIFY they are the “qualified holder” of the note and deed of trust.  There is a CHALLENGE here in that the certificates also contain a clause that the qualified holder will indemnify other parties if they are mistaken and the real owner shows up wanting the property.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

I have proven, in a court of LAW, that my lender, and their Lawyers do NOT have legal standing to foreclose.  But where does that leave me?  NO WHERE.

In what WORLD is that OK?  I have tried VERY HARD to work the SYSTEM, showing that a homeowner has NO RIGHTS, even if they PROVE in a COURT of LAW their Lender and Collection Lawyers have no legal standing to foreclose.

I have FILED COMPLAINTS, everywhere,OCC,SEC, HUD red ticket,DCHP counseling,The ATTORNEY GENERAL’s office, STOP FRAUD, state banks,etc.  Trust me, if there was a PLACE  that I found where I could file a COMPLAINT I did.

Dear Attorney Regulation Counsel  click on link

I even filed a FORMAL complaint with the Attorney Regulation Counsel here in Denver on June 21,2012.  I wanted these Lawyers, MEDVED and LCS financial to know that their behavior is UNETHICAL.  It was a complaint that I did not take lightly, but an indemnification clause at a RULE120 hearing is NOT OK.  You don’t get to VIOLATE my rights, even if the LAWs you have written to protect yourselves are in place in a rule120 hearing.  I want to be heard in your LICENSING BOARD, that what you are doing is UNETHICAL according to the OATH you took after a grueling bar exam.

Just a side NOTE, I became a REALTOR, after realizing what was done in a program designed for LOW INCOME folks, like me.  I wanted to be a VOICE, to be heard, to protect the AMERICAN DREAM.  This BLOG in my attempt to do just that! 

I am mindful of copyright’s and am doing my best to ensure those rights, of folks are protected in my blog, but that THEIR VOICES are being heard as well.  My computer doesn’t have the ability to directly link back to their articles,published blogs,etc.  So I have mentioned their NAMES, and noted to “google” where you can find them, when I can.  Thank you mostly to the BRAVE Author’s who have taken the time to write, share what they have found, to the Lawyers who are protecting my neighbor’s homes,etc.  The Artist’s who’s cartoons I have shared!  THANK YOU!


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HUD found out about 1270 S Lowell

1270 S Lowell  Denver ,CO  80219  MLS 482097  SOLD 11/30/2000

UPDATE:  look up 0520214028000 on Denver clerk and recorder IT’s BLOCKED june 27,2012 now?????

Click on this link  1270 LOWELL

According to Public Records in 2000 there was A Trustee’s Deed for $122,418.00  HUD  Melanie G Neujahr

9/27/2000  Warranty Deed  Project Heritage Inc.  From HUD

12/5/2000  Warranty Deed $166,000  (Full amount on Deed)  Darcy Fowler

Oh Here it is HUD  Loan Amount $132,800  with  Loan Amount (2nd TD) of $43,000  with an 11% interest rate and a DUE date of 12/1/2030

Well it gets better than I thought.  Ok so 10/30/1996  Melanie G Neujahr buys house from Geraldine J Neujahr  for $80.000.00  And On 11/30/1999  Melanie G Neujahar sells it to Mark W Puckett.  Was a QUICK CLAIM DEED. HOWEVER, on 6/02/2000  Melanie Neujahr gets a FORECLOSURE and Public trustee gets house on 6/02/2000 for $122,418/000  HUD sells it too Project Heritage on 9/27/2000 and that’s when Project Heritage sells to Darcy Fowler on 12/05/2000  for $166,000  Looks like an Estate sale on 5/2/2007 but than a FORECLOSURE again on 10/13/2008 to HSBC BANK USA from Michael John Andre  HSBC re records this 2x’s  10/14/2008 and again on 10/29/2008  HSBC finally selling on 1/29/2009 for $106,200.00  to Raymond Allen.  He sells on 10/16/2009 to Jessica Tison to TADAH a FHA LOAN For $185,000.00  HOWEVER, the Seller on her deed doesn’t READ RAYMOND ALLEN it says the SELLER was  PRAIRIE HOME SOLUTIONS.


PT2008-4270  and before that PT2008-2324

Documents :2008107415   2008054542  2008107415

Public Trustee
Public Trustee
Trustee Care Of Name
Trustee Address
Trustee Phone #
Lender Contact
Law Office Of Michael P Medved Pc
Law Office Of Michael P Medved Pc
Lender Contact Attn To
Michael P Medved
Michael P Medved
Lender Contact Address
Lender Contact Phone #
Michael John Andre

WOW HUD that is one messed up title don’t you think?

UPDATE:  Ok HUD seriously. . . are you freaking getting the picture here?,3 click on link

Loan Type
Stand Alone Second
Stand Alone Second
Borrower Name
Michael John Andre
Michael John Andre
Darcy Fowler
Darcy Fowler
Darcy Fowler
Melanie G Neujahr
Melanie G Neujahr
Borrower ID
Married man as his sole and separate property
Married man as his sole and separate property
Single Person or Individual
Vesting Type
Married Man as his sole and separate property
Married Man as his sole and separate property
Loan Amount
Type of Financing
Adjustable Rate
Adjustable Rate
Adjustable Rate
Interest Rate
Loan Term
Due Date
Lender Name
DBA Name
Lender Type
Mortgage company
Mortgage company
Subprime Lender
Mortgage company
Mortgage company
Mailing Address
Borrower Mailing Address
Loan Number
Document #
Book Number
Page Number
Contract Date
Adjustable Rate Rider
Adj. Rate Index
Interest Only Period
Rate Change Freq
Fixed to Adj Rate Rider (First Change Date)
Change Index
Max Interest Rate on First Change Date
Min Interest Rate on First Change Date
Max Interest Rate
Prepayment Rider
Prepayment Penalty Rider (Term)
Cash Purchase
Construction Loan
Equity Credit Line
Stand Alone Refinance
Title Company Name
Title America
Title America

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Denver why is this one PERMANENTLY under maintenance?

1270 S Lowell  Denver, CO 80219  MLS 482097  SOLD 11/20/2000  Kathy Mahaffey….to well I do not know HUD….can’t get the information.  Addess doesn’t show up in Denver Assessor Real Estate.

I can’t find a RECORD of the 11/30/2000 in DEEDS?  Denver it’s a BIT HARD to find this WARRANTY DEED as your system says . . . .

HUD this is all I can come up with on thie one DENVER is HIDING this one well!!!  I can’t break this one?  Must be a reason to Hide it sooooo Well?
Google Denver County Clerk and Recorder  PUBLIC RECORDS SEARCH for more information.

 “You may print copies of the information for your own personal use and; reference this server from your own documents. Commercial use of the materials is prohibited without the written permission of the City and County of Denver. In all copies of this information, you must retain this notice and any other copyright notices originally included with such information.”

The City and County of Denver reserves all other rights.

Copyright © 2006, City & County of Denver



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Denver. . .what happened to this HOUSE?

Find Denver Property

No properties found. Please enter a different search and try again.

20394 E 44th  Denver CO  80249  MLS 507769  SOLD 4/25/2001 HUD Kathy Mahaffery. . .Project Heritage

Here’s a picture of this house in case …well DENVER you can’t see it?
Looks like it was a hud home in 2001  with an MLS of 507769.  This house was Built in 1994 so that information could be correct.  The deed in on the PUBLIC records in the MLS  with a PIN NUMBER oh and this NICE PICTURE as well.  It says Denver County as well?  Hummm wonder what happened to that one?
OH wait DENVER I found you….HIDDEN on County PIN Number.

20394 E 44th TEMPLE INLAND MTG  click on link

You may print copies of the information for your own personal use and; reference this server from your own documents. Commercial use of the materials is prohibited without the written permission of the City and County of Denver. In all copies of this information, you must retain this notice and any other copyright notices originally included with such information.

The City and County of Denver reserves all other rights.

Copyright © 2006, City & County of Denver

20394 e 44th Loans  click on link

DENVER why you COVERING UP your warranty deeds?  HUD is there something there that DENVER doesn’t want to show you?
Trustee Sales #
Case #
Auction Date
Auction Time
Auction Location
Auction City Name
Auction Minimum Bid Amount
Public Trustee
Trustee Care Of Name
Trustee Address
Trustee Phone #
Lender Contact
Castle Meinhold & Stawiarski Llc
Lender Contact Attn To
Christopher T Groen
Lender Contact Address
Lender Contact Phone #
Barry K Rose

Tax payer’s MONIES

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Hey DENVER whatya hiddin? Hummmmmm

warranty deed  Click on Link

So HUD I got to thinking….How could DENVER  hide Warranty Deeds?  or well another question would be WHY would DENVER hide Warranty Deeds?

So I took a stroll to MLS ( the metrolist in Denver).  I wanted to see just what is going on.  UGH!  Clear picture here.  So let’s take for example oh this address…. shall we….

4581 Flanders Way, Denver CO  80249  (MLS 632474)

Legal  Lot 28,blk 1,Green Valley Ranch Filing NO. 3  in the CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER STATE OF COLORADO.

interesting home I think…..

Now in the Metrolist (there’s a LIBRARY there did you know that?)  Yes a place you can find records from well, way back, even if you didn’t have those records ONLINE, well you could saunter over and have a “look see”.

On 3/14/2002  this house was reported sold on the MLS  with a MLS NO. of 632474  and well here’s the Kicker, it was sold by Kathy Mahaffey.  Yup that what the records say over there.

HOWEVER, when I took a trip to well…..DENVER….It’s HOT there by the way!!

DENVER DEED UNKNOWN  click on link 

The Denver Clerk and Recorder must not have known  WHO the Warranty DEED was from?  That would be the GRANTORS. 

I guess I don;t understand?  HUD can you explain to me HOW DENVER would not know who this warranty is from?  It says WARRANTY DEED, PROJECT HERITAGE made on April 1st 2002.

Ok now maybe that’s someone’s idea of a JOKE?  You know April FOOLS day and ALL?  I don’t think the SEC is laughing DENVER!!!!

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (also called the Exchange Act, ‘34 Act, or Act of ’34) (Pub.L. 73-291, 48 Stat. 881, enacted June 6, 1934, codified at 15 U.S.C. § 78a et seq.) is a law governing the secondary trading of securities (stocks, bonds, and debentures) in the United States of America. It was a sweeping piece of legislation. The Act and related statutes form the basis of regulation of the financial markets and their participants in the United States. The 1934 Act also established the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),[1] the agency primarily responsible for enforcement of United States federal securities law.

Companies raise billions of dollars by issuing securities in what is known as the primary market. Contrasted with the Securities Act of 1933, which regulates these original issues, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 regulates the secondary trading of those securities between persons often unrelated to the issuer, frequently through brokers or dealers. Trillions of dollars are made and lost each year through trading in the secondary market.

SEC Securities Exchange Commission

Not so funny I’m thinkin HUD.  TELL that to all the folks loosing their HOMES right now!  I am thinkin they will not like that APRIL FOOL’s JOKE!!!

Denver why you HIDDIN all those DEEDS?  Can’t you read….WARRANTY DEED…..PROJECT HERITAGE???

UPDATE:  5547 Crystal Denver, CO 80239  OOPS that DEED must have been hard to read as well DENVER…… MLS 397493

Chain Of Title  Google :Denver County Clerk and Recorder

UPDATE:  2063 S FOX Denver ,CO 80223      (MLS 395919)

Chain Of Title  Goggle: Denver County Clerk and Recorder

WELL HUD are you getting the PICTURE YET?

4415 Osceola Denver, CO 80212  MLS 45947  Sold by Kathy Mahaffey 10/23/2000

BRING IT!!!!  That’s how we roll in FOUNDERS VILLAGE!!

UPDATE:  4322 Freeport, Denver,CO 80239   MLS 600180

HUD I can’t locate these at all in DENVER?  Maybe my error?

15423 ELKCREEK  Denver, CO  SOLD 10/12/2000  MLS 430337

20394 E 44th Denver, CO 80249  Sold 4/25/2001  MLS 507769

UPDATE:  This was a RICHMOND HOMES,INC bought in 9/12/1995 by the  Newell’s (Edward and Michelle)  6/10/1999 they sold to Latanya Wesson FHA LOAN for $176,900 HER fiancing was TEMPLE INLAND Mtg Corp.  OOPS HUD they foreclosed on 2/15/2001  and you got the house back cause well it was an FHA ,you know INSURED.  You sold to Project Heritage on 5/7/2001 and Project Heritage  SOLD for $191,500 to Barry K Rose  YES HUD FHA LOAN on 5/3/2001  WOW that’s really CLOSE dates there HUD.  OH I see Project Heritage RE RECORDED BACK to you HUD on 9/10/2002

Oh Look Barry K Rose SOLD it AGAIN on 6/11/2010 to Michael D Stockburger and Erika J Brown for $169,900  Now HUD how do you think Barry Rose could have sold it on 6/11/2010 when he clearly didn’t have title on 9/10/2002 because Project heritage gave it back to you than?????

Yeah, DENVER ,I’d hide that DEED if I was you.  That one is HARD to explain!  I’m just sayin. . . .

You may print copies of the information for your own personal use and; reference this server from your own documents. Commercial use of the materials is prohibited without the written permission of the City and County of Denver. In all copies of this information, you must retain this notice and any other copyright notices originally included with such information.  The City and County of Denver reserves all other rights.

Copyright © 2006, City & County of Denver

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First Preston Handled HUD management in 2002

First Preston handles HUD management for Colorado

Today’s Market
by Laura Olive
as printed in the Coloradoan on December 29, 2002

One of the casualties of the slower economy and market and higher unemployment is the upswing the number of foreclosures. For the entire year of 2001 in Larimer county there where 9 foreclosures. Through mid December 2002 there had been 16.According to the Colorado/Wyoming regional HUD representative Kathy Mahaffey of Re/MAX First there has been an increase in the number of HUD homes in Colorado as well. In 2001 there was a total of 315, through mid December 2002 there was 506.

When a borrower takes out a FHA loan it is insured through the mortgage insurance back by the federal government. Each borrower taking out an FHA loan pays an insurance premium that goes into a pool to help pay for any foreclosures claims. If an FHA loan subsequently were foreclosed upon, the mortgage lender who is servicing the loan would file an insurance claim with HUD. HUD pays off the insured loan balance with the money from the paid insurance premiums and the title to the property is transferred to HUD.

Today HUD has arranged with management and marketing contractors to begin the process of maintaining and selling the acquired properties according to HUD guidelines. In 25 states, including Colorado, the maintenance and marketing is handled by First Preston foreclosure specialists. All HUD homes are listed on the Internet at This website is full of information on the process, and provides all the current listings. This lists HUD acquired homes that are being prepared for the market, active on the market, and under contract. Any qualified buyer regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status can buy a HUD owned home. Buyers must work with a registered HUD real estate broker to bid and the buyer must be pre-qualified for the loan they will need to purchase the home. The pre-qualification process must include a review of the buyer’s in-file credit report.

Bids on first Preston are submitted to first Preston electronically. Using HUD guidelines and restrictions, first Preston “acknowledges the bid that presents the highest net offer to HUD”. New listings are posted Thursday of each week. Price reductions are posted on Friday of each week. For the first 10 calendar days after a home is listed, only owner occupied bids are considered. After the first ten days, first Preston considers non-owner occupant bids. If the property remains unsold, first Preston evaluates the pricing. If you are a successful bidder it will be posted on the internet. Your broker will need to overnight your signed HUD contract, copy of a certified check or money order for earnest money, and all the appropriate signed addenda to first Preston. A sampling of other bids received is also posted to give you an idea of how the bidding went.

In order to sell HUD homes and be paid up to 5% in commission at closing, brokers must have completed the appropriate HUD participation and information forms and receive a NAID (name address identifier) number. This is not difficult however the process can take a couple of weeks. Approved non-profit corporations can purchase these properties as well, and they do have some special benefits and discounts that a private party would not have.

Copyright Olive 2002

Thanks Laura OLIVE For that news article printed in the COLORADOAN.

HUD don’t you JUST wonder what the NON-profit BENEFITS and DISCOUNTS were that NO ONE ELSE HAD?  I mean  Project listed got quiet a few homes from this program from 2000-2006  don’t you think?

Just wondering. . . .

Http://  Click on link

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FORECLOSURE can’t miss the signs!. . . . or can you?

Everyone in my Neighborhood KNOWS the “SIGNS” of what’s to come.  It’s unmistakable HUD.  This house has been EMPTY for a little over 1 and 1/2 years.  It’s on willow about a block from where I live.   FHA, So the bank is letting it sit, collecting money from you, HUD, until they decide to sell it, 1 and 1/2 years.

All my neighbors know the SIGN when this white paper gets posted with BLUE DUCK TAPE.  Not really sure why they use Blue Duck tape but it’s unmistakable when a house is and neighbor is in DISTRESS.  Mostly likely once they have the foreclosure notice POSTED….well you know it’s coming.

Or do you?  Now here is another house just around the corner.  It had the Sheirf’s department put up a chain link fence to one side of the driveway.  They put all the items from inside the house, into the chained off area.  One of my co workers thought what else are they supposed to do?  The home no longer belongs to the homeowner, and they were told to move “MOST LIKELY”.  So what is the plan?

She has a point, someone has to move forward when you are evicted but why would someone leave that much stuff behind?  Especially if they were given notice like she believes? 

  • Could it be that they have no money to move and even if they did, they have no place to go?
  • Did they just “shut” down and were so over whelmed?
  • Were they sick, and couldn’t get everything together in time?
  • Do they just not care? 

I don’t have an answer, I could sit here and take only “NICE” pictures of families at the POOL,etc.  There is ALOT of “NICE” things happening in my neighborhood, but FORECLOSURES well just aren’t talked about much.

Anyway you look at it, it is HEART BREAKING. and a SAD story of what is happening right now,everyday.  It not only affects the people who lost their home, but the neighbors, property values, vandalism,etc.

IN the last 6 months there have been 27 Foreclosure SALES in Founders Village. . . with 5 on the Market to be SOLD.

The last six months were 123 solds altogether.  That would be like one in every 3.8 houses are a foreclosure. or one in every 4th house is a foreclosure sale.

HUD seriously 1 in every  4th house is a foreclosure in my neighborhood in the last 6 months (data from the MLS metrolist).  If you don’t think that is hit HARD what is?  HOW can a community function and support each other when 1 in every 4th neighbor is loosing their home?

HUD I am at a LOSS here to make a DIFFERENCE.  I took a STAND with my home, to show you PERSONALLY that there is FRAUD happening and its WIDE SPREAD.  I proved it in COURT 2x’s NOW with 2 different JUDGES!  HUD are you listening?????

BRING IT!   I am so ready!!  I will fight for every one of those neighbor’s who could not!  For every one of those families who lost their DREAM and now don’t believe that buying a HOUSE is worth it. 


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