Put your HANDS up …PUT YOUR HANDS UP… you might want to stretch about now…I’m just saying

Todays well Wednesday. . . and Yes I do have more BPO’s    (Broker Price Opinion)  to do.  Never ending these days. . .

Take this one for example:  1117  Fremont Drive, Larkspur CO  Beautiful home and they have a DOG in the front yard….AWE….

DBA Mike MONEY BUILDER  Click on link……Hey MIKE  you’re kinda ruining the WHOLE CHICA+GO Illinois thing for me…….See the Warranty deed is for Lot 12 Block 2 SAGE PORT Filing 2 in Douglas County, Colorado but MIKE….do you mind if I call you Mike or would you rather DBA Mike Money Builder. . . You have TV County and state of ILLINOIS…return to 1661 Marsh Hawk ,Castle Rock,CO  80109?????

And well you have a Notice of Disburser to STOCK BUILDING SUPPLY INC. . .   yeah that’s reception 2003175400…….

American Whole sale LENDERS …..I remember something about Castle and Stawairski  Look up RECEPTION #2010066745   MERS. . . .

PT2012-0533  CORRECTIVE AFFIDAVIT  click on link

MERS 451-465pgs  click on link. . . Ahhhhhh MERS  you gotta love it COLORADO….NO?

Now the really odd thing is that reception #2006067208 has a release of DEED of TRUST ( of course without production of evidence of debt) because of well 38-39-102 (3.5) C.R.S.                                Yeah I want one of those. . . .

BUT it’s active in MERS SEARCH. . . . .I’m just saying. . .

BRING IT. . . . . Cause WE the PEOPLE are in FLIGHT…..and FLYING……

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