THANK YOU. . well deserved. . . I must say!

We the PEOPLE do appreciate it when FOLKS can COOPERATE. . .

Like take for example 274 Ponderosa. . . here in Castle Rock!  I have had this listing which should have been under contract on July 30,2012.

Today I can say we have AN OFFER pending. . . Which is a BIG move.  Thank you to the Secretary of State of COLORADO ( “wink” that potter platter I gave you awhile back through ACCION , hope you still enjoy that piece!) and

Bernie Buescher | June 11, 2010 at 10:14 AM | Reply

Mary — I am delighted with the platter/plate set that you made for Accion and they gave to me following my keynote.  This was completely unexpected and an enormous suprise.

Your work is beautiful.  My wife and I enjoy handmade pottery, and we are friends with many of the potters in Grand Junction.  The colors and subtle flower design suggest Western Colorado (even though you may not have been thinking of our high country and wildflowers).  And even more fun, on a personal level, was the fact that this was presented on my wife’s birthday, and we both get to enjoy your work.

Thank you so much.  I hope we get to visit in the future.

Bernie Buescher Secretary of State, State of Colorado

The Secretary of DELAWARE.

BRING IT. . . . . On the RIGHT TRACK BABY. . . . We the PEOPLE

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