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Hud I’m going to tell you another story……cause well….I have a few of them….

When I was a Little girl. . . . I learned about DEATH from a story. . . .I was on a picnic and My Father saw a caterpillar.  He of course picked it up and put it into my HAND.  Then he told me  the story about the Butterfly.  How it starts out as a caterpillar, makes a cocoon, and later on emerges as a Beautiful Butterfly.  Nice way for a little child to begin to understand the Mysteries of death. . .And how hard it must have been for my father to explain to his young daughter . . . .  he was about to die. . . . . .


Castle and Stawiarski…yeah you’re kinda ruining that memory for me. . .

SPEC WARR DEED   – 523279

General Data

Reception # 523279

Book 732 Page 544

Recording Date 12/12/2011 02:55:39 PM Number Pages 1 No Charge
Recording Fee 11.00 Documentary Fee $0.00 Total Fees $11.00
Document Date 11/22/2011



Address1 999 18TH STREET, SUITE 2201
City DENVER State CO Zip 80202

Mailback Date




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The WIZARD of OZ in Elbert County . . . LISTEN UP MEDVED. . .

SO HUD not really sure why all your KIDS like story book characters but apparently the WIZARD OF OZ is the most popular story in Elbert County.

NED  click on link  LOOKS like Michael P Medved’s Team have been BUSY in Elbert County.  Check and see if this happened on 3/5/2010  Yeah they really like that “FKA”  I’m just sayin. . . .

Logic is 4 STRONG, but Toto is definitely in their making 5 and looking back on story (the wizard ) I THINK MAYBE WHO you are looking for……Just sayin my math was not 100% this am. . . 1 correct out of 3….just sayin. . .


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LAWYERS Listen up. . . .Here’s a story….especially the team of Castle Stawiarski, LLC. . .

Could it be that Castle Stawiarski know about LIBOR?????  They know about Numbers a little bit HUD.  Here’s a STORY….Hope you have a Cup a Joe or a BEER because it is sure to be an INTERESTING   READ. . . .

HUD I got another CORELOGIC order…You know that’s right HUD and this one is located in the Beautiful LARKSPUR.  Have you ever been there to Larkspur?

Well Castle Stawiarski,LLC are thinkin. . . . NED FILED  Click on link

This is rather NEW HUD. . . I thought I’d share some new information that is CURRENT since well my house isn’t that CURRENT anymore. . .

Once a UPON a Time in the Town of Castle Rock…..A Team of Lawyers thought they could file a NED on 4850 Crow Drive, Larkspur Colorado  and so they did. . . on 07/13/2012 the Combined Notice was Mailed.

NED FILED DOUGLAS COUNTY click on link  This team thought that the Beneficiary was CITIMORTGAGE,INC.  PT2012-0999

They said the Recording of this DEED OF TRUST was on DEC 28,2007  reception No. 2007099991.  Yes I did find a Deed of Trust .  The LENDER was Provident FUNDING ASS.  Under the laws of California but the Address is 5990 GREENWOOD PLAZA  BLVD, SUITE 104 GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO  80111

OH wait maybe Provident should be called SYBIL (split personality) cause they have an address  of PO BOX 999  Burlingame,CA 94011  And it gets better since MERS IS THE BENEFICIARY under this security instrument.  DELAWARE  remember that word HUD it’s important

ASSIGNMENT of MERS as nominee for Provident Funding over to CITIMORTGAGE on 5/16/2012     REALLY. . . . . . .

How do I renew my notary? Is my notary renewable?Notaries ARE NOT RENEWABLE. All notaries must re-apply every four (4) years.

There also is another ASSignment on 5/23/2012  Instrument 2012037445              assignment dof t  click on link

warranty deed 12.18.2003    click on link     I’m not seeing ANY WARRANTY DEED to Whitney T Brigham ?  HUD that’s a little strange don’t you think?  OH wait  here it is a QUICK CLAIM. . . quick claim  click on link

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PAW. . PAW. . Sweet Home CHICAGO…could use a little help here!!

You know. . .   I wouldn’t ask but Barack’s been to Colorado a Couple of times now   This white collar crime. . .  well it’s affecting ALOT of FOLKS. 

Let me tell you a STORY HUD….I grew up on the SOUTHSIDE of Chicago…and when I was a young girl (remember I am older than you are now) I was invited to PAW PAW Michigan.  The coolest place in the world when you are a kid growing up around the Chicago Stock yards.

There was a POOL there at this resort and folks swimming around,etc.  I was really young, I could dog paddle swim but not much else.  There was a man in the pool with other kids and adults.  I kind man, and he asked me if I ever jumped off the diving board.  Ahhhh NOPE never did.  Only jumped into the pool when my dad was in the water but NEVER off a Diving board!

My Dad died when I was a young girl and he wasn’t around to help with Diving boards.  This man “Smiled” and Said, “I’ll HELP” you.  Go over to the board and I’ll swim over to the deep end.  My MOM was there and she said go ahead, he’ll help.  So I went over to the diving and board, stood up on it and walked over to the edge.  It seemed like a LONG way down to a little girl, and trusting a stranger wasn’t easy either.  I was crying on that board but the Man stayed with me…he was kind.  After about 5 minutes….I finally jumped in and he caught me…..that man was Mayor Daley, yes HUD back in the day.

I have tried to work this SYSTEM….without HELP…to show Fraud in HUD and how it is affecting folks, and  me right now.  I have filed everywhere….OCC,SEC,HUD, Denver Attorney General, Douglas County Public Trustee,DCHP,  Stop Fraud,etc

There’s a Story here from Texas. . . . . . .   he writes about the 3 little pigs…HUD do you remember that story?

Seems these Cousins…Guinea Pigs….think they can Take Tax payer monies, be pardoned by President Clinton,etc.. . .

PAW PAW, I have tried to work  this system. . . expose the Fraud carefully…but NOW it’s in Corelogic, INDIA  on July 26,2011 Cognizant to acruie Corelogic India.

So….Colorado could use your help alittle bit…if you wouldn’t mind. . .  .

BRING IT……I’m ready…..Let’s roll middle class!. . .  before it affects your retirement. . . .

UPDATE:  3 little PIGS….Dallas,Delaware,Utah  omg that was EASY!

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HUD…how do you “COOK” the books in MERS INC . . . in Douglas County?

So Hud…..I got to thinkin……How can you “COOK” the books in Douglas County?  Or can you even?  See…. that got me thinkin… know HUD…I like to do that…..cause well . . . I’m a thinker.. . .

Remember we were talking about 8736 Starwood, Parker,CO. . . if not go back and look on this  blog to refresh your memory.

See when I confronted the Public Trustee and Mr. Husson about where’s the NED and how could it go POOF?  Both men told me….this System is bullet proof.  They didn’t remember me talkiing to them about Starwood, and well quite frankly a NED could not go away?

Hummm….. well, I had the Paperwork….I printed it out…..but I could not FIND it anymore on the Douglas County PublicTrustees web site.  HUD, you see that was a problem….cause I wanted to know HOW it could be done….not that these MEN did anything……


So here is what got me thinkin. . .  You see the NUMBER 2005092720 is IMPORTANT HUD…..because why you say?  Well I’ll tell you HUD, see it’s the only NUMBER on this system that well has 2 entries.

OH YEAH HUD….see when you try and cover up something….well you have to make sure you “cover” all the records… and WELL don’t “PISS” me off either cause I’m like a Dog that takes a BITE and wil not let go. . .

So by this entry, I figured that you can add two   documents to one number….BINGO  enter your children MERS INC.

MERS INC Duplicates. . . NICE. . .   Click on link


AFFIDAVIT Castle Stawiarski LLC  Now HUD, I’m not saying that these Fellows DID ANYTHING….. I’m just showing you that out of all the 567 pages, well there’s . . .  is the only one that has an AFFIDAVIT in here….I’m just sayin. . . .

MERS 1-15pg  click on the link

MERS 151-165 pg  Click on the link

MERS 286-300pg  Click on link

MERS 451-465pgs  Click on link

So HUD if you have 2 items in the Same Instrument Number…well in therory I guess you could change something if you wanted to?  Anyway….thought you MIGHT want to LOOK into that a BIT…..Still liking MERS and what the BANKSTERS have DONE???????

Colorado Non judicial system……still THINK  MERS is legit?

To ALL the LAWYERS helping MY NEIGHBORS….this is a gift to you and THANK YOU!  To all the STRAGHT Policeman,Judges, HUD employees…..I want to THANK YOU!!!!

YEAH BRING IT !!!! I’m ready and  THUGS….it will not MATTER  Cause this informaton it OUT OF THE BAG  so speak. . . . Attorney General and Governer Hickenlooper  have at it!!!!!!


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HUD SCAM in Colorado. . .8736 STARWOOD. . . Hummmm

HUD ok I am going to try and explain how this scam worked here in Colorado.  I honestly do not know who is to blame but I see how it works.

Kaufman and Broad of Colorado Inc build a Home in Parker….specifically  Cottonwood subdivision.

Aug 29,1996  Sandra G Yates buys this home for $136,385.00 Dollars.  Nice NEW home…so exciting. . .  Warranty Deed  Bk 1368/pg0843  Douglas County Colorado.  GLEN W BARNARD was President of Kaufman and Broad.

Sandra G. Yates takes out a Loan with Advantage Plus  (now HUD here’s where you will need to check to see if they did the same thing like what happened with me.  My actual LOAN was with M& T Mortgage, they recorded an assignment at the same time but stuck it in the Douglas County Clerk and Recorder as a WILD ASSIGNMENT.  SO you still can’t find it unless I show you where it is.  Than 4 months later, they made the official assignment for me, with First Nationwide)

So this Advantage Plus could be a similar deal…. not sure?     The address of lender was 14001 E Iliff Ave #701  Denver, CO 80014

OOPS May 09,2000  NED is filed in Douglas County PT00-078 by Castle,Barrett,Daffin, & Frappier,LLC  Attorneys at Law.  She only had  the house for about 4 years.  Here’s the thing though, on the NED is says Original Beneficiary was Advantage Plus Mortgage,LLC?

12/23/1997  ASSIGNMENT  bk 1495/pg 2392  Instrument # 9773757 was HIDDEN in Douglas County clerk and recorder.  Why they always pick Nov,Dec,and Jan to start forclosing I’ll never know?  On this date, Mellon Mortgage Company 5599 San Felipe Suite 1650  Houston TEXAS,77056  Became the Assignee and  the loan  from   Advantage Plus, Mortgage,LLC 7180  East Orchard Rd Suite 307  Englewood, Co 80111  Assignor.   The managing Member was John Vizzi (that’s IMPORTANT because Julius Vizzi sold Project Heritage houses from MB Liberty  & Associates).

 AUGUST 10th  ( I am guessing since they LEFT out the year,  might not want to get caught, and the NED was filed on 5/2000)How I found this assignment was it was HIDDEN with Abe Ulibarri.  Sandra Yates quick claimed her Deed of Trust to Abe Ulibarri. Quick claim is Instrument No 2001075960  bk 2111 pg 2272.  AND Hud sorry to say , this was first done in Jefferson County not Douglas it made it’s way to Douglas on 8/20/2001

Now Mr. Abe Ulibarri was a Busy fellow.  On the same day he got the quick claim deed, he took out 7 Deeds of Trusts….yup  that’s right HUD,them 2001075961,2001075962,2001075963,2001075964,2001075965,2001075966 and lastly that I could find 2001075967.  Looks like for $100.00 each?  Hummm but HUD I can’t find a release of these?  So that would be 700.00 never found.  testing the system?  maybe?

What happened to the United FHA LOAN?  Not sure?  The NED Castle Filed PT00-078 was from Advantage, to Chase Mortgage Company FKA Mellon Mortage Company (Castle and his Boys like to use FKA in Douglas County records).

Now even though Sandra QUICK CLAIMED it to Abe, she is still the one that Castle Is foreclosing on.  Oct 29,2001  Public Trustee’s Deed  bk 2164 pg 349  OOPS HUD there was a Violation in that Foreclosure yup, you see it went back to YOU! Special Warranty Deed on 12/19/2001 and recorded on 01/23/2002  bk 2245/ pg 2369  FHA case number 051-988145  (I’m thinkin that 95% of all project heritage deals where FHA)  Looks like HUD gave the HOUSE to Project Heritage for $10.00 must have been because of that VIOLATION in the NED?

UPDATE:  MLS 626552  Listed 8736 Starwood by Julius T Vizzi

HUD did Project heritage get ALOT of houses for just $10.00  because of the VIOLATIONs made by Lawyers filing NEDs?  With MERS INC?  Just wondering. . . .

Jan 28th,2002 Project Heritage sells to Jeffry T Hadwin and Rachelle L. Robinson for $187,300.00  HUD you know that special LOW INCOME program.  They get a DEED of TRUST from Project Heritage for $10.00  Bk 2258 pg 2049 Signed in DENVER.

The Folks took out a United Capital Mortgage was FHA 052-2040235-703   (the 703 means it is pending acceptance by HUD same thing happened to me).  The Instrument # was 2002013729 (Douglas County Records) and a MERS INC number of MIN 1000605-0000005214-6  That loan was for $184,406.00

It gets FUZY Hud since 2/12/2003  There was a Loan with Lehman Brothers Bank, MERS INC Instrument No 2003018813  and well that was Aurora Laon Services   601 5th Ave, PO BOX 4000  Scottsbluff, NE  69363  for $164,000.00  and MIN 100025440000780053    OH and a $40,000.00 loan from Wells Fargo  Both were in MERS INC.  Maybe they refinanced?   Wells Fargo was recorded 2003018814 Jefferson County  by  Hummmmm Jeffry and Rachelle.  Was Jeffery and Rachelle Lenders?

On 10/31/2005 it was recorded in Douglas County a Release of Deed of Trust from Wells Fargo WITHOUT Production Of Evidence of DEBT.  From Montana and return to Jeffry T Hadwin  2255 S Barrington Mesa, Az 85209

Deed of Trust RELEASE from Verdugo Trustee Service in Gaithersburg, Maryland (same as my release from M and T morgage via First Nationwide)  Interesting to NOTE!

There’s 2 Warranty Deeds recorded for 8736 Starwood.  One to Cendant Mobility and one to Spencer M Parker from Cendant Mobility Financial Corporation  #2005092721…..

Not sure how that can happen without a Deed in lue or a NED?  Looks Like Mr. Spencer M Parker or Parker M Spencer bought it for $214,000.00  Now where his Deed of Trust is and who his financing is and is it a FHA or was it cash?  HUmmmm not sure HUD. . . .

STARWOOD DOCS  Click on link

UPDATE:  Ahhhh HUD, Looks like I found the Release from Citi mortgage.  Ok if you don’t htink that MERS INC is corupt….just have a look at this document….  Citi mortgage seal is DELAWARE, Lender sigining is Shelley Hommer State of Iowa/ county of Polk  and it’s Verdugo Trustee out of Gaithersburg/MD….Amazing!

Hadwin release without evidence  click on link

Spencer M Parker  Deed  click on link….Cendant Mobility Financial Corporation by Morreale Real Estate Sercvices,INC by Corporate Resolution, Sheryl j Nash, Authorized Agent   Signed in Illionois, Dupage  and wow the Noratary seal expires on 9/27/2005  that’s cutting it close since it was signed on 9/21/2005

Looks like Spencer had a FHA LOAN with Premier Mortgage Group LLC…wonder where that went to?  STARWOOD CHANGES  Click on link

Colorado still thinkin that MERS INC is not an ISSUE?  And who was the LAW Firm that filed the NED on this one?

BRING IT!……….Middle class. . .

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TEMPLE INLAND . . . Are you connecting the DOTS here. . . . please get me outta here!!!!

UPDATE:  Who was Leslie Hutchens or Leslie J hutchens?  HUD ok HOW MANY FHA Loans can one person have on my HOUSE?

Deed of Trust june13 1996  Click on link  Leslie J Hutchens bought my house on 6/17/1996 from Sherman R Logsdon and his wife.  FHA Case Number 051-9351605-751  and Her lender was Union Federal Savings and Bank of Indianapolis.  Looks to have been brokered by Waterfield Financial 7500 W Jefferson Blvd.  Ft Wayne IN 46804  for $101,227.00

HOWEVER HUD  Subordination of HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION   click on link                            There’s this little issue of WHO is Leslie Hutchens Married to anyway?  Because on June 13,1996  there was a SUBORDINATION OF HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION for Yeah HUD you guessed it $101,227.00  and recorded the same day she bought my house on 6/17/1996    Would that be creative Financing? S&L bank of Union Federal. . .

Who the HELL is Edward Hutchens and what was this agreement on June 11,1996  on MY HOUSE?  oh wait HUD here we go again CRS (Colorado Revised Statues)  1973  38-41-201 et seq as amended  and CRS 1973 38-35-118(2)  must be a LAWYER. . . .


HUD same book and page as original Deed of Trust  HUMMMMMMMmmmmm.. BUT wait HUD on the bottom of page is has BOOK 1395 PAGE 1223   Recorded on 12/19/1996  Why would they pay $55.00 on June 17,1996 and Than $65.00 on 12/19/1996???

Release of Deed of trust Edward and Leslie  Click on link  Release without production of Evidence of Debt  . . . . . .

Would that be a BOGUS BEARER BOND with HUD FHA LOAN?  And HUD why do they always pick Nov,Dec,and Jan to foreclose, buy,sell.etc????

Document Type: (TD) DEED OF TRUST
Modified Date:
Record Date : 11/4/1998
Acknowledgement Date: Not Available
Book Type: OPR
Book / Page: 1620 / 1569
# of Pages: 10
Consideration: 0.00
Marriage Date
Legal: SUB FOUNDERS VILLAGE F 4 L 30 BL 3 FDVL4L30B3 103681
Case Number: 9888360

marriage  Click on link  Here’s a Marraige license that Leslie J Hutchens had in 2002  hummmm

deed of trust TEMPLE INLAND  Click on link

release Deed of Trust Temple inland  Click on link recorded on Jan 18,2000

BRING IT………Are you Freakin kidding. . . . .

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FDIC take a look. . . .Temple Inland well isn’t this grand. . .

HUD  take alook at this one too!  It’s my house and it’s FUNKY. . .


Loan Type



Borrower Name

Leslie J Hutchens

Borrower ID

Vesting Type

Loan Amount



Type of Financing

Interest Rate

Loan Term

Due Date



Lender Name



DBA Name

Lender Type

Mortgage company

Mortgage company

Mailing Address

Borrower Mailing Address

Loan Number

Document #



Book Number


Page Number


Leslie Hutchens did a INTRA FAMILY DISSOLUTION -due to dissol  and here’s the really “FUN” part… went from Leslie Hutchens to Leslie J Hutchens with a family inbetween Daniel Blake (who has a Criminal record, you might want to look that up). . . and you HUD….than on to PROJECT HERITAGE



Public Record

Public Record



Warranty Deed




Full amount stated on   Document.



Project Heritage Inc

Company or   Corporation





M & T Mtg Corp

Yeah that’s Nice.. . . . . . . . .  click on link


Public Record

Public Record

Public Record

Public Record

Public Record






Warranty Deed

Trustee’s Deed (Certificate   of Title)

Warranty Deed

Intrafamily Transfer   & Dissolution – Due to dissol

Warranty Deed




Transfer Tax on   document indicated as EXEMPT.

Full Amount on Deed

Full amount stated on   Document.

Full amount computed   from Transfer Tax or Excise T

Project Heritage Inc


Daniel C Blake,   Kimberly J Blake

Leslie J Hutchens

Leslie Hutchens

Joint Tenancy

Company or   Corporation




Daniel C Blake,   Kimberly J Blake

Hutchens Leslie J

Leslie Hutchens

Sherman R Logsdon,   Dore M Logsdon


Trustor/Debtor   (Borrower in Default/Foreclosure on

Seller is owner on   current Assessment File







Vectra Bank Colorado   National Assn

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Denver are you MISSING a few apartments? MIA?

plot map LOWRY redevelopment  click on link

So HUD, I thought I would “play around” with a PLOT MAP.  Those can be kinda fun and well if you are trying to find out an ADDRESS, they can be VERY HELPFUL.

NOW Denver, your map on your WEB SITE well how can I put this . . . SUCKS!  So I did my “OWN” Plot map.  I think you may have REFILED this oh since you gave it to PROJECT HERITAGE back in 08/05/1998  I’m just saying. . . .

I got close and could find 3 BUILDINGS with 4-5 apartments in them but your Exhibit A is rather ROUGH!  Could you fix that so maybe HUD could find the “RENTS”. . . . I’m just sayin. . . it might be nice?

rents and or leases  Click on link. . . .

And well my next question would be DENVER…..why you GOT only LAND when they are CLEARLY APARTMENTS?  I’m just wondering. . .

  • year built …..BLANK
  • building sq ft  BLANK
  • bedrooms  BLANK
  • sale price   $1
  • oh and here ya go ZONED  R2A

UP DATE:  The changes to the code will be quite drastic in some instances. Currently in Denver, we have R1 (single family), R2 (duplex or carriage house), R3 (multi-family) as our primary residential zoning designations.

records apartments 555 ALTON WAY C-LAND  click on link

HUD you might want to fly over this area…..cause DENVER lost some well APARTMENTS…..


UPDATE:  written agreements are well interesting wouldn’t you agree HUD?  This agreement has Project Heritage as ASSIGNOR and Lowry economic redevelopment as ASSIGNEE….kinda

The Assignee hereby “grants to Assignot a license to collect and retain such RENTS (but expressly NOT including the right to collect any rent more than one month in advance or any amount to prepay,terminate,or BUY OUT any leases) prior to the occurrence of any event of default under the Laon Documents.”

“COMMERCIAL Standards”  would be your KEY here HUD, that is all about assignments of rents and leases.  (HINT construction loans,supplemental Deed of Trust, or RELEASE of deed and note Without eveidence of debt.)

Enter  Ernest J. Panasci  from Jones and Keller.  click on link

A likable Fellow he is!

UPDATE:  return to jones and keller  click on link  oh and HUD rtn: in the upper left corner, means RETURN TO Jones and Keller,PC  FYI  thought you might want to know that!   

Owned by Gale Maxwell

  • 555 Unita Way, Denver,CO 80230 lowry Filing no 23 Blk 1 “tract”A
  • 561 Alton Way C  Lowry Filing #27 B1 L65 Land Only
  • 559 Alton Way C Lowry Filing #27 B1 L70 Land Only
  • 555 Alton Way C  Lowry filing #27 B1 L3 Land Only

Are a few to have a look see. . . .

and message to “THUGS”  better think TWICE before messing with me…..IT won’t matter, because the information is OUT THERE…..EVERY FREAKING WHERE. . . . .

  • Allison Gadzichowski  561 Alton Way #C 
  • Kelly Kienzle  561 Alton Way #B
  • Michelle Verges  SOLD 10/15/2007  $154,000 legal Lowry Filing #27,B1 L63  IMPS ONLY
  • Justin and Milagros Jelinek SOLD 04/15/2010  $145,000 Legal Lowry Filing #27 B1 L64  IMPS ONLY address maybe 561 Alton Way #D
  • Gale Maxwell SOLD 07/15/2008  $150,100  Address 561 Alton Way #A


City: Denver
Address: 550 Alton Way

Tel: (303) 340-3930

Zip: 80230

type: Apartment Building

Lowry Boulevard Apartments [zip: 80230]
Lowry Heights Apartment Homes [zip: 80220]
Lowry North Apartments [zip: 80220]
Lowry Park Apartments [zip: 80230]

UPDATE:  Doesn’t ZONING have to be at least R3 for apartments?  Just wondering. . . . .

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PNC Really….Are you Kidding me? what World does PNC LIVE IN?

june 25 2012 letter  Click on link

HUD, So I get home from work tonight and I have to go back to the OFFICE.  I can’t even BELIEVE what came in the MAIL. . .

CHECK from PNC June 25,2012

 PNC…..You sent me  a check at the END of January, 2012.  I have been to a RULE 120 HEARING on May 11,2012  Where the HONORABLE Judge  Paul King has DENIED your LEGAL GROUNDS for FORECLOSURE.

You LIED to HUD, stating you had a DEED OF TRUST recorded in DOUGLAS COUNTY in 2001, and a Loan Modification with FHA plus 9 years on the back of my LOAN to cover the 2nd lien from COMPASS BANK.

PNC, here’ s the thing.  YOU HAVE NO DEED of TRUST, yes that’s right!  AND you have a NOTE that is UNSECURED that I do not OWE per the LAW here in Colorado.  Not really sure about your law in OH but here in the WILD WILD WEST……you got problems!  Oh and for the RECORD. . .  house is worth more than $25.53  I’m just sayin. . . .

HUD Seriously. . . what WORLD does PNC LIVE in?  Do they not know I was already at a RULE 120 HEARING on May 11,2012?  Or could it be they just are finding out they have SEVERAL BEARER BONDS out there on my HOUSE? and everyone wants to collect ?  Well why are they PAYING ME?

Oh and on the LETTER is says MICHAEL P MEDVED is their Lawyer!  Really?


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