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PNC BANK “We Don’t do FRAUD”….ugh yeah you DO!

HUD, when you talk to your “CHILDREN” and you are handing them MONIES (ie TARP FUNDS, or INCENTIVES for loan Modification through FHA, or when you make them WHOLE by paying them after a foreclosure because the HOUSE was insured)….well you MIGHT want to teach them HOW TO LIE better in court!

I’m just saying. . .when for example PNC BANK, is wanting to foreclose on someone… you may want to tell them or their LAWYERS (ie MEDVED) that the evidence they bring before a JUDGE is “supposed to support their LIES” not prove the DEFENDANT CORRECT?

petitioner’s exhibit 2 click on link.

Well this Petitioner’s Exhibit 2 for example.  HUD when a Plaintiff (A plaintiff (Π in legal shorthand), also known as a claimant or complainant, is the term used in some jurisdictions for the party who initiates a lawsuit ) brings evidence into a court room and they are initiating the lawsuit, well proof of a LOAN MODIFICATION would be rather like saying, the DEFENDANT is Correct your HONOR!

On page 3 of Exhibit 2 was presented to the Honorable Judge Paul King during my Rule120 hearing.  That pg 3 clearly shows that on 9/14/2010 there was an ADJUSTMENT of $10,720.93  and my loan went from $140,283.01  to $151,003.94.  Now HUD, I may not be the BEST math student, in fact when I received my Master’s Degree it was in Public Administration (UNC).  Did you know that?  Yes HUD, I happen to be an Educated HOMEOWNER!

US dept of HUD Washington DC  Click on Link

HUD, I thought I would provide you with the policy and procedures for FHA modifications, so you can “discipline your child, PNC BANK”.

  • Lender must ensure first-lien status of the modified mortgage.  In satisfying this requirement, the lender must comply with any applicable state or federal laws and regulations.  I’m just sayin. . . .
  • The Lender is responsible for ensuring that the modification documentation preserves the first lien status of the FHA INSURED LOAN.  (it looks like  they tried to do this by putting OLD REPUBLIC INSURANCE 2nd lien, on the BACK SIDE of the mortgage adding 9 years to the life of my loan.)
  • Allowable provisions,fixed rate loan,fully reinstate the loan,FORECLOSURE costs,LATE FEES,and other admin expenses may not be CAITALIZED, they can get monies in a the form of a repayment plan lump sum,etc SEPERATE from and subordinate to, the modification agreement.

Well hud, those are the Biggest VIOLATIONs from PNC in summary form but there are more.  I’m just sayin. . .

PNC LETTER MAY 10,2012  click on link

HUD here’s the FRAUD, well a portion of it anyways. . . . PNC Letter Dated May 10,2012  Said, yes in fact there was a Loan Modification, Aug 27,2010 approved (lawyer’s exhibit 2)  But OOPS well PNC didn’t really approve that LOAN MODIFCATION, “they were unable to approve loan modification Jan 2012”.

HUD is that like the BANK asking for a DO-OVER?  You know how children play games and ask for a “DO-over”?

HUD I am trying to keep a SENSE of HUMOR here but this is VERY STRESSFUL!  Could you please make an ARREST and put  PNC BANK BEHIND BARS!

The Bank is not above the LAW.  When does a HOMEOWNER EVER get a DO-OVER?  NEVER, they loose their home,etc.  WAKE UP!

UPDATE JUNE 16,2012  got another  LETTER from PNC letting me know that YES, they are gathering information.  Well it sure is taking you along to to figure out how to AVOID FRAUD charges!  Still freakin waiting!

pnc letter june 11,2012

UPDATE:  YES HUD It’s July 25,2012…I have not recieved Much   further news  from ALL the agencies I have contacted. The State of Alabama did respond and that was helpful about BBVA and COMPASS bank. . . . The Attorney General is reviewing 3 counties foreclosure files and The Govenor has asked for 9 Public Trustees to resign….that’s about it.

BRING it!    I am SOOOOOO very READY!  BRING IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So HUD, aren’t you getting tired?  I sure am!  I have been trying for 3 years to have a Lien for $15,000 removed from my Title that has been recorded in Douglas County Clerk and Recorder.

Do BANKS think they are ABOVE the LAW?  HUD, why is it that I must follow the LAW but BANKS DO NOT have to?

McClure V Bank Of America  Adv NO 08-4000  (bankr.ND Tex 11/23/09)  CASE 0743036(DML)

Violation of Permanent Injunction is a SERIOUS matter with Judges and the United States of America Bankruptcy Court.  GOOD TO   KNOW!  Well HUD, YES Compass bank,BBVA Compass, Old Republic Insurance and OH YES LCS financial are all in VIOLATION of SEC 5249(a)(2) and (3) of the bankruptcy Code ,it operates as an INJUNCTION against an “ACT” to collect a debt as personal liability of the debtor.

“If you buy goods using a VISA or MASTERCARD credit provided by a lender other than the Seller you get FREE and CLEAR title to the goods even if you discharge your liability on the credit card Free and CLEAR of any security interest in favor of the SELLER.”

VISA  clink on link

DEED OF TRUST ASS  Clink on link

So HUD, the McClures won over $152,500.00 and attorney fees for this case.  I could take Compass Bank, BBVA Compass, Old Republic, and LCS Collections to Court because they are ALL CLEARLY in violation of my RIGHTS. . . . but instead…..I am trying to make a POINT HERE HUD….HOMEOWNERS in DISTRESS are not deadbeats.  I could go to court, most likely WIN and have money in my pocket. 

LCS FINANCIAL mar 2012  Click on Link

Is LEO C. Stawiarski JR. esq  Oh I see he’s a LAWYER “of Counsel” of Castle Stawiarski,LLC.  HUD Castle Stawiarski is the “POWERFUL” Foreclosing group here is Castle Rock, they do over 1/2 of all foreclosures in my town.  Plus in this BLOG you can read about the “MONIES” they give the the PUBLIC TRUSTEE, who is impartial by the way, and well they are OWNERS in the Computer software system that they use.

Leo C. Stawiarski, Jr.

Of Counsel
Denver, CO U.S.A.

HUD I would think,that a LAWYER like Stawiarski would KNOW the law?  Than why can LCS financial be “allowed” to VIOLATE my PERMANENT INJUNCTION for 3 years?

I have instead FILED COMPLAINTS all over the Freaking place (regulator agencies for banks,etc.)  In hopes that SOMEONE will listen.  I will wave my rights to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law in return for them to remove BOTH LIENS on my property. 

Yup,  CHEAPER for them to do so.  Clearly they are in violation, with a CASE recently won and making a STATEMENT, which of course I WOULD LOVE to do.

We shall see if my efforts will work or I will have to take them to court HUD!  That’s a SERIOUS VIOLATION by the WAY!!

BRING IT! . . . cause that is how the MIDDLE CLASS roles!

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HUD so I was “thinking” maybe I should check into these banks?  I emailed Kim Mitteness (Compass Bank Here in loan Tree)  and she replied with the following EMAIL!

Closed Stmt TRANSFER TO OLD REPUBLIC  click on link

I called the 1-800-239-1996  for Customer Service for BBVA  COMPASS, I wanted to know when my Loan was Transferred?  Loan Number 4355760001328691  and it’s an automatic system.  You just punch in the loan number to get information which OF COURSE I did!

HUD what to my surprise did I find out.  My loan was CLOSED and CREDITED on March 26,2009  for the amount of $15,358.16 

NOW remember my chapter 7 discharge was on March 10,2009  So  BBVA Compass closed my account knowing it was a revolving account (UNSECURED).

The problem is that the DEED of TRUST Recorded in Douglas County Clerk and Recorder has a LOAN NUMBER of 4355760001183898 for $15,000

DEED of TRUST COMPASS $15,000  click on link

Are you KIDDING ME!  HUD seriously…. you mean to tell me that a BANK can not get their LOAN NUMBERS straight?  Plus they get to screw up my Title as well?

When I call 1-800-239-1996  and enter into the loan number 4355760001183898 it says no record at this time!  Interesting no?


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HUD the plot thickens. . . Who is OLD REPUBLIC insured Credit you maybe wondering?

Well. . . Old Republic is an insurance company that COMPASS BANK uses for their mortgage loans.  HUD get this, COMPASS BANK made a Claim to Old Republic, saying pay us on  this second lien,

Now OLD REPUBLIC, thought ok, it’s in our contract somewhere, so they decided to record an “ASSIGNMENT” to a deed of Trust recorded in Douglas County Clerk and Recorder but they recorded this “ASSIGNMENT” on 5/4/2009 and 4/13/2009  which is AFTER my Chapter 7 Discharge of 3/10/2009.

OLD REPUBLIC  click on link

Chapter 7 affords rights to the person who has to go through that process more specifically, 11 USC &522.  A debt collector can not come after you when a DEBT has been discharged. 

I am beginning to think, HUD, that the Foreclosure in Jan 2012 may have been these debt collectors.  AND the attorneys who filed the foreclosure on behalf of PNC (MICHAEL MEDVED) may have known this as well.

 LCS at 866-662-9087  is the DEBT collector for OLD REPUBLIC.  I think HUD, they maybe involved as well!  FRAUD as well!!!

The Problem they had been that the NOTE and DEED were not CURRENT.     OOPS!  Is that INSURANCE FRAUD as well HUD?  Can you get them for INSURANCE FRAUD and SCAM,etc.

UPDATE:  LCS Financial services by NONE OTHER than the FAMOUS Leo Stawiarski.  This company is well, HE is the CEO and one of the guys that does 50% of all foreclosures in Douglas County.  He also pays our Public Trustess,etc and runs a system for the foreclosures that most Public Trustees use.

Ok I NOW know there is MEDVED after me as well as Castle &  Stawiarski.  Although, Stawiarski is BEHIND the scenes so to speak.  Hummm Interesting.  I  was threatened today by his company LCS which is a debt collection agency.  Good to know and Document. 

Stawiarski, just so you know, my LOAN with Compass bank, NOT old Republic insurance, and  was CLOSED!  FYI and Compass made an insurance claim after they wrote it off,  with OLD republic.   Your “ASSIGNMENT” was not in front of the JUDGE during Chapter 7 and after the fact.

HUD are you watching . . .

BRING IT!  That is how the MIDDLE CLASS roles. . .

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