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HUD, it seems that my County assessor’s decided that ONCORE, LPS Aptitude would be a “GOOD” solution.

So Douglas County , Colorado Clerk and Recorder selects Aptitude Solutions for Recording and Indexing Platform which is ONCORE solution chosen to handle high volume property recordings.

LPS (Lender Processing Services, Inc LPS) is a leading provider of integrated technology and services to the MORTGAGE INDUSTRY.

HUD the KEY word here is Services to MORTGAGE INDUSTRY! I ask you HUD, is my public trustee still impartial?  I am not thinking so!  They are working for the MORTGAGE INDUSTRY now employed by the Governor, is tax payer monies.  Really. . . .

DOCX has a Price list out for these  Lenders.  Yes HUD a Freakin Price list for costs associated with MY MORTGAGE.  There is a copy of this price list on 4closureFraud “posted lender processing Services Mortgage Document Fabrication Sheet.”

How’s that work HUD?  Well DOCX has  a service for missing recordable documents through there web site DOCX   GETNET.  Click on link

So well for my House PNC BANK had to pay for

  • Create note Alloge   $12.95 +SH
  • FHA Mortgage Insurance submission  $95.00 +TPC
  • Obtain property address $5.50 +SH
  • Obtsain recorded Mortgage,Book,Page, or Instr.  $12.95 TPC
  • Obtain Copy of Loan Modification   $15.95 +TPC
  • Correct Title Policy endorcement  $15.95 TPC

and that’s just so far.  NOW they have a problem because they EXPOSED a BEARER BOND from M and T mortgage out of NEW YORK which indicated that it was the current MORTGAGE and DEED OF TRUST.

OOPS.  Not really since 2002 was National City Mortgage.  HOWEVER, M and T Mortgage is still out there in the pooling servicing world and when they paid for these services, well it gave them documents realted to 2001 when I purchased my house. . .

So did M&T Mortgage originate this FRAUD with Project Heritage?. . .  well it’s looking like YES they did!  HUD… would have been out alot of dollars here with this game your “CHILDREN” are playing.

And enter. . . . CORELOGIC. . . ta dah!  Oh HUD it’s getting better every day!

BRING IT!!!!       cause that’s how the MIDDLE CLASS rolls!

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M and T Mortgage aka One M &T Bank out of New York

HUD, Remember when I began this BLOG, my goal was to SHOW that a HOMEOWNER in Distress is anything but a “dead beat.”  White Collar Crime is a SILENT but DEADLY crime to the Victim.  The price to an INNOCENT FAMILY is great! 

I have been dealing with Families in Distress for several YEARS now because of this WHITE COLLAR CRIME and honestly I am very tired!   Basically since 2007, I have been trying to assist families, with Real Estate, which often times is their largest investment.

FIRST NATIONWIDE Apr,1,2001  click on link

M and T mortgage (aka One M and T Bank out of New York) was my original lender and may have “Taught” Project Heritage a thing or two.

SOMEONE was able to wipe out my HISTORY of payment to M and T mortgage on my credit reports and that someone appears to be PNC BANK.  On Feb,2012 they finally adjusted my credit reports, but in doing so, wiped out any trace of payment history to M and T mortgage.  HOWEVER, being the, well keeper of files, I have that documented.

SO my first 3 months, my payments went to M and T mortgage, just like it appeared to HUD on the HUD 1 and my Jan 10,2001 closing.  I was transferred or SOLD to First Nationwide and that is when my payments began to change.  Just the 4th month into my purchasing of a home my monthly (FIXED RATE) mortgage began to change.  Oh is was subtle, just a few dollars, here and there, but changing and NOT the LOAN PAYMENT I was told I would have for the first year.

First it was because of my ESCROW, well what happened to my 3 months of payment to M and T?   HUmmmm where did they go?

Bring it! …….. That’s how the middle class roles. . . .

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M and T Bank out of NEW YORK HUD

HUD in Case you were wondering well HOW did M and T bank do this here in Colorado.  I mean after all, they are in NEW YORK aren’t they.  I think that is where WALL STREET is as well…..I’m just sayin. . .

M AND T originated  click on link

Well HUD, I was wondering the same thing?  Let’s review shall we….

I got this Letter on 2/16/2001  From What I think was First Nationwide Corporation.  Didn’t have a letter head or anything?  Hummm and HUD the funniest thing, well was the LOAN NUMBER 012000147.  Now HUD  I have looked at ALL MY PAPERS because well I save EVERYTHING, from when I purchased my HOUSE.  Yes HUD, I have the Original Loan papers,closing doc’s everything.

Oh don’t worry, I forwarded them on to well EVERYBODY by now!  While I was looking at my papers,  could not find any loan number of o12ooo147.  However, being the good CITIZEN that I am, I figured it was not only a change in servicing rights but  must have been a SOLD loan as well or SOMETHING?  Can you figure that out?

Ok so this NEW Loan information says SEND to First Nationwide Mortgage Corp  Dept 0004  Palestine, Illinois. 

Kids do the Craziest things don’t they HUD!!  Seems like you KID, M and T was busy as well.  See I got ANOTHER LETTER,yes that’s right.

Letter Dates 2/23/2001  Hummmm  Well that loan was my FHA LOAN on my closing papers LOAN 351796-8  Yup, rechecked it and that was it.  HUD  how can this be?  That letter said send to First Nationwide Mortgage corporation PO BOX 7300 Gaithersburg,MD 20898-7300

Now Honestly HUD who would you believe?  I had been making my payments to M and T Mortgage since I closed on Jan 10,2001  Hummm.. . .   This was for 4/1/2001 Payment.  Oh wait  I think I have  something else to clear that up!

Statement 2001  Click on link

RELEASE M AND T First nationwide  Click on link

Looks like MERS. . . I’m just sayin. . .

MERS M&T mortgage  click on link

Oh here we go HUD, I see the Letter dated 2/16/2001  should be where my payments go to that NEW LOAN NUMBER that I have never seen before. . .OH yeah it goes to Palatine, Illinois

NOW HUD, not really sure how my LOAN NUMBER changed other than this paperwork, Well maybe you can FIGURE That out!!!

BRING IT… Cause that is how the MIDDLE CLASS roles. . .  .

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PNC your paperwork is well…rather LATE!!!

HUD, got a letter from PNC sent on MAY 10,2012 which is rather late since I didn’t receive it until May 15,2012.

And well….my Court date for the RULE 120 was on May 11,2012  So Honestly HUD, I don’t see HOW I could have gotten this Letter from PNC in time for my court date?  Was that intentional?. . . Hummm.

PNC LETTER dated MAY 10,2011

Now HUD, in the letter, PNC (one of your KIDS) does say “NONETHELESS, our records indicate that we approved your loan modification on August 27,2010.”

smells funny

Really?  Than WHY is PNC trying to foreclose on a 2002 NOTE and DEED of TRUST?  Could it be that the Loan modification reveals a DEED of TRUST from  ONE M and T Bank out of NEW YORK in the MERS web????. . . . I think so. .. . and if the RULE120 hearing was approved ALL that paperwork would have gone POOF!

However, NOT APPROVED, DENIED, and the paperwork is SAFE!

Safe inside the VAULT

UPDATE FROM PNC YESTERDAY (June 12,2012) No Suprise from PNC. The Letter says, “We continue to gather information and research our records in order to accurately respond to the inquiry. We expect to contract you in writing with the results by JUNE 20,2012”  really?    well I’m waiting. . . .

pnc letter june 7 Click on Link

HUmmmm again with the waiting, well June 20,2012 is 30days since I filed a COMPLIANT with OCC.

BRING IT. . .  That’s how the MIDDLE class ROLES. . .  .

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