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What do the following folks ALL have in common. . .Makes you go OH SHIT!!


What does , WJ BRADLEY,PNC MORTGAGE, and COSTA RICA all have in COMMON. . . . .

off the 1-month LIBOR plus 1.20% 400000 11250879 CS First Boston Mortgage 3/17/28 1394100 300000 PNC Mortgage Acceptance Corp., Series 2000 C2, ….. 745830 ——— COSTA RICA – 0.1% 290000 Republic of Costa Rica, 144A,

Morgan Guaranty Trust Company                                  MAILING
500 Stanton Christiana Road                                   INFORMATION
Newark, Delaware 19713-2107

Northeast Freddie Mac Region 5/1 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgage Rate Chart

PNC Financial Services Group Inc. (PNC), the seventh-largest U.S. bank by deposits, declined in New York trading after second-quarter profit missed analysts’ estimates and mortgage-repurchase demands intensified.

PNC paid about $3.47 billion for Royal Bank of Canada’s RBC Bank USA and its related credit-card assets, a transaction that was completed in March. The purchase is expected to add 40 cents to earnings per share for the full year, excluding integration costs, Johnson said in April.

0316288 THE 0146477 OF – Computer and Information Sciences

… FEE 0000230 BANKING 0000229 VEHICLES 0000229 UNDERSTANDING ….. LIFETIME 0000123 LATIN 0000123 INLAND 0000123 HUNTING 0000123 HS …… TEMPLATES 0000001 TEMPLAND 0000001 TEMPING 0000001 TEMPEST …

So you see these numbers and codes?  Well that is similar to what flashes on my computer when I transfer a BPO (Broker price opinion) from Corelogic to well INDIA or where ever it goes?  It’s like my computer is looking for “CODES” through numbers.  I have seen Flashes of Government Documents that go by very quickly.  Things as a REALTOR, I  shouldn’t be seeing over the internet through my computer when I just upload a simple BPO.
Are these numbers that are flashing so quickly, related to LIBOR SCANDAL?
SO what information does CORELOGIC get when a realtor uploads a BPO?  HUMmmmmmmm  and how is CORELOGIC related to DOUGLAS COUNTY PUBLIC TRUSTEE?  Does MERS,INC have anything to do with CORELOGIC?
And here’s my question. . . How does Castle and Stawiarski relate to all of this?
BORN IN THE USA. . . . . WE the PEOPLE know WHERE WE LIVE. . . .
U.S. CONSTITUTION – a highly accessible online version

Article [X]

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

BRING IT…..WE the PEOPLE are READY. . . . . . . . .

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Condos and 15% are you freakin kidding me!

So HUD here’s a NEW one.  Let’s just say you have a Listing that is a CONDO, say in Cutter’s for example in Castle Rock.  Just an example. . .

You have it listed and you get a buyer and it’s been under contract for 40 days.  You are thinkin “SWEET” going to closing in a week, gonna get paid.

Ahhhhh NOPE sorry, see even if it’s a Conventional loan or a FHA,VA, etc Loan here’s the DEAL.

A lender pulls HOA status prior to closing and what was 12% when you listed is NOW 15% and No lender will touch that property.  Are you LISTENING HUD!!!

So what does that mean you are asking, right?  Well during that 40 days you listed the condo, someone in that complex or 2 is going into foreclosure or is DISTRESSED and has not been able to pay their HOA dues.  SO the percent just went up to 15% the MAGIC NUMBER.

HUD,  seriously are you Freakin kidding me?  The Poor SELLER can not SELL now that his development is at 15% because NO LENDER Will touch it no matter who they are (conventional,HUD, REO, VA, FHA,etc.)  And you just SCARED off any buyers because they just found out they can’t buy and worse even if they did, the same thing could happen to them.

Ok, so it’s bad enough, as a REALTOR, I will not be getting paid for all my time,work  and expenses, but just think about  what has HAPPENED to that BUYER and SELLER.  Seriously, what does that do to the young family who bought that NEW condo and now wants to buy a house.  THEY CAN NOT!!!

OMG are you freakin kiddin me!




 BRING IT!!!   I am SOOOOOOO ready!!! BRING IT!!!!!

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What do Compass Bank,NCM, and MegaBank all have in Common?

Project Heritage From 2000-2005 was VERY BUSY but it looks like some records are HIDDEN,SEALED, or MISSING from DENVER wonder why?

Project Heritage DOUGLAS County click on link

Project Heritage Arapahoe County  click on link

Project heritage Adams County  click on link

Project Heritage Denver County  click on Link

Project heritage Broomfiled click on link

Project Heritage Boulder County  click on link

Project heritage Elbert County click on link

Project Heritage Weld County click on link

Project Heritage El Paso click on link

Project Heritage Larimer click on Link


Well HUD looks like Denver County is how can I say this kindly. . .Missing some Data.  Well like take 2001.  5 homes were purchsed from Sec of Housing and Urban development but than 6 homes from Project Heritage to well FOLKS were Warranty Deeds?

Plus well there may be a GLITCH in the system because most of the data in DENVER comes out line to line.  The warranty deeds well have spaces in them.  Kinda intersting NO?  Those Kids of your HUD, I tell ya.  Project Heritage sure does grant alot of DEED of TRUST to BANKS?  I’m just saying. . .

Ya know HUD, maybe that’s how those million dollar notes got lost?  I know paperwork can be cumbersome, Just balancing a check book can be tuff.  I would expect more from BANKS though wouldn’t you?


PROJECT HERITAGE PHI response to hud aduit  click on link

Wasn’t it National City Mortgage that went “Belly up”  so to speak and was bought by PNC BANK with Tarp Funds?  I  thought I rememberd reading that somewhere….OH YEAH,  HUD PNC is the bank trying to foreclose on my HOUSE. 

They forgot to tell Douglas  County  Clerk and Recorder about the LOAN MODIFICATION but they made sure to tell you HUD, well so they could get paid.  Would have been nice if they told ME!~

Now let’s see

Sept 19 2003 meeting PTA e business   Click on link

This was the FIRST, yes VERY FIRST meeting of the Public Trustee’s Association E Business Committee.  SO glad it was held at the Douglas County Events Center ….well in my Town! 

You know HUD, E Business KINDA reminds me of well MERS.

People have learned a lot about MERS, but in general we haven’t really focused on what it all means. In short, it means that the mortgage industry decided that it was above the law.

MERS was set up thoughtlessly, without regard to its basic legality, and designed with only two objectives: lowering the mortgage industry’s costs and maximizing its convenience. As a result, MERS has none of the advantages of the centuries-old system it was intend to replace, and largely has. MERS is not accurate, not transparent, and not accountable to the public. To let MERS continue simply allows it to continue wreaking havoc on property records and the legal morass it’s created to continue tangling foreclosure and bankruptcy cases nationwide.

HUD let me tell you about the HONOR system in COLORADO…Seriously did you NOT learn anything from the HUD scandals of 1989????

honor system  Denver POST ARTICLE click on link

Attorney ties to County Trustees Denver Post Article clink on link

Well HUD the Denver POST gets it!   maybe you could call one of the Authors of those articles for assistance?

Oh yeah what do all those BANKS have in Common with Project Heritage and  COLORADO…tax payer monies.

HUD are you still thinking that a HOMEOWNER under DISTRESS is just a deadbeat?  WHITE COLLAR CRIME is a funny thing well on PAPER maybe. . . but tell that to the VICTIMS and I’m thinkin they are not laughing.

NOW HUD,  Looks like LCS Financial, CEO Leo Stawiarski, has ties maybe to well….County trustees,MERS,Castle and Stawiarski you know Colorado’s most PROLIFIC ForeClosure Attorneys, COMPASS BANK aka BBVA Compass is a trade name for Compass Bank,National City Mortgage and oh yeah MEGABANK which I think was bought by COMPASS BANK.

MERS Robin Ptuitt Jones  Click on link

MY HOUSE is worth $143,000 according to the Douglas COunty Public Trustee and yet there was a 161,000 first loan with M and T Mortgage, than National City Mortgage, than PNC BANK.  PLUS Compass bank has a deed of trust for 33,000 and they happened to put a deed of trust from a revolving line of credit for 15,000 (not sure how they managed that one since the Trustee in DENVER and the JUDGE said it was a UNSECURE debt. 

The MATH…..drum roll is….$209,000 on a 143K home in FOUNDERS VILLAGE.  My house has less than 1200 sq ft.  How’d they manage that?  OH in case you are thinking, I spent 33,000 well think again because when I spoke up in 2006 regarding Project Heritage I got hit with that TAX LIEN of $34,000 that I had to pay some how?

Let me just say, BUSH and Jack Alphonso I have a Great memory and my files are ALL OVER THE FREAKIN place!    Kinda like in the RULE 120 hearing, it really didn’t matter what the PNC officer said on the PHONE to my question.   Either way he was SCREWED :

SO BRING IT . . . . . . it will not Matter!    Just BRING IT!!!!!!

That is how the MIDDLE CLASS ROLES!  and oh we Role baby!

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