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COMPASS BANK (BBVA) why are you lying to the STATE of ALABAMA?

Now HUD, I wrote a letter to the STATE OF ALABAMA.  Yup I sure did!~

Mostly because COLORADO remains one of the Jurisdictions where issues surrounding MERS and Securitization issues are as yet UNDECIDED on the Appellate Level.

Letter State of Alabama  Click on link.

Now HUD the State of Alabama was AWESOME, Cylenthia Jones, Consumer Affairs Specialist, wrote me back after researching my questions.  I wanted to find if the assignment recorded in Douglas County was the same she had for the BANK BBVA COMPASS in Alabama.  You know cause….I’m interested. . .

Robin Pruitt Jones,Notary  MERS ROBIN PRUITT JONES   Click on link      Has a position in MERS which I think maybe important.  Because she signed the ASSIGNMENT on Jan 14th and January 16th,2009 from BBVA COMPASS Bank to OLD REPUBLIC  Insurance/Equity Credit.

However, The STATE of ALABAMA, Consumer Affairs Specialist, said after her review, BBVA assigned to OLD REPUBLIC Equity Credit on 2/23/2009 and 3/6/2009  when Old Republic Paid to BBVA these claims, the Note, Mortgage, and Deed of Trust were assigned to them.

Deed of trust 2nd  click on link

deed of trust 3rd  click on link

HUD, the Assignment of DEED OF TRUST happened in Jan 2009, and was recorded in Apr and May 2009 in Douglas County BUT OLD republic didn’t pay until Feb and Mar of 2009

So here’s my Question HUD……How can BBVA assign my Deed of Trust in January 2009 but Old Republic not PAY for the NOTE/Mortgage and Deed of Trust until Feb and Mar of 2009?

And on page 6 of my Deed of TRUST it says NO ASSIGNMENT:  notwithstanding any other provisions herein to the contrary, each party signing below agrees not to assign any of the party’s rights or obligations hereunder.

See HUD I filed for Chapter 7 in Dec of 2008 and I was wondering why Compass bank was the Owner still when I was discharged 3/10/2009.  Compass Bank was the one in my file ( and notified for the meeting of Creditors)  So is that INSURANCE FRAUD?  

HUD really?   I’m thinking January comes BEFORE Feb and Mar on a Calendar last time I checked!


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SEC applies one two PUNCH help For QUIET TITLE

HOUSE 1 bank 0

“Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged UBS Financial Services Inc. of Puerto Rico and two executives with making misleading statements to investors and concealing material information regarding securities. However, this approach is very unique that the SEC is taking. It bypasses the courts by the use Administrative Procedure Act, and directly charges the banks and executives involved with securities fraud, and even imposes a fine.

Take that BANKSTERS!

This is very powerful because the majority of judges in federal courts do not understand securities; attorneys also do not know how to defend such cases because they do not learn about securities laws in law school, so rather than risk losing a case based on a technicality or a judge’s unwillingness to address fraud committed by banks, the SEC is charging them directly and writing orders very much like a judge would do. This out-of-court approach will help investors and beneficiaries of fraudulently created trusts resolve cases in which mortgage-backed securities are involved.

Just like a judge can issue an injunction, the SEC’s version is to issue a cease and desist from violating the Securities Act of 1933. Which means if a bank defraud investors in regard to the existence of Trusts that don’t exist, and they bring it to the awareness of the SEC rather than the courts, they can receive relief for the fraud. Homeowners whose mortgages were put in defunct trusts secured by their deeds of trusts, benefit from such an order because it prohibits the banks and their agents from ever receiving any financial gain relating to such trusts. This way, homeowners are quietly winning injunctions against the big banks, without having to deal with the courts or when ruled against by the courts.

In this particular case of UBS in PR, the SEC used the Administrative Procedure to resolve the case. Here is exactly what the SEC said in its order:

In view of the foregoing, the Commission deems it appropriate and in the public interest to impose the sanctions agreed to in UBS PR’s Offer.” by Joseph Earnest

DETAILS Google SEC applies Admin. Procedure as one-two punch to UBS bank fraud Bring it  cause that is how the MIDDLECLASS ROLLS. . . .  click on link


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So HUD, aren’t you getting tired?  I sure am!  I have been trying for 3 years to have a Lien for $15,000 removed from my Title that has been recorded in Douglas County Clerk and Recorder.

Do BANKS think they are ABOVE the LAW?  HUD, why is it that I must follow the LAW but BANKS DO NOT have to?

McClure V Bank Of America  Adv NO 08-4000  (bankr.ND Tex 11/23/09)  CASE 0743036(DML)

Violation of Permanent Injunction is a SERIOUS matter with Judges and the United States of America Bankruptcy Court.  GOOD TO   KNOW!  Well HUD, YES Compass bank,BBVA Compass, Old Republic Insurance and OH YES LCS financial are all in VIOLATION of SEC 5249(a)(2) and (3) of the bankruptcy Code ,it operates as an INJUNCTION against an “ACT” to collect a debt as personal liability of the debtor.

“If you buy goods using a VISA or MASTERCARD credit provided by a lender other than the Seller you get FREE and CLEAR title to the goods even if you discharge your liability on the credit card Free and CLEAR of any security interest in favor of the SELLER.”

VISA  clink on link

DEED OF TRUST ASS  Clink on link

So HUD, the McClures won over $152,500.00 and attorney fees for this case.  I could take Compass Bank, BBVA Compass, Old Republic, and LCS Collections to Court because they are ALL CLEARLY in violation of my RIGHTS. . . . but instead…..I am trying to make a POINT HERE HUD….HOMEOWNERS in DISTRESS are not deadbeats.  I could go to court, most likely WIN and have money in my pocket. 

LCS FINANCIAL mar 2012  Click on Link

Is LEO C. Stawiarski JR. esq  Oh I see he’s a LAWYER “of Counsel” of Castle Stawiarski,LLC.  HUD Castle Stawiarski is the “POWERFUL” Foreclosing group here is Castle Rock, they do over 1/2 of all foreclosures in my town.  Plus in this BLOG you can read about the “MONIES” they give the the PUBLIC TRUSTEE, who is impartial by the way, and well they are OWNERS in the Computer software system that they use.

Leo C. Stawiarski, Jr.

Of Counsel
Denver, CO U.S.A.

HUD I would think,that a LAWYER like Stawiarski would KNOW the law?  Than why can LCS financial be “allowed” to VIOLATE my PERMANENT INJUNCTION for 3 years?

I have instead FILED COMPLAINTS all over the Freaking place (regulator agencies for banks,etc.)  In hopes that SOMEONE will listen.  I will wave my rights to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law in return for them to remove BOTH LIENS on my property. 

Yup,  CHEAPER for them to do so.  Clearly they are in violation, with a CASE recently won and making a STATEMENT, which of course I WOULD LOVE to do.

We shall see if my efforts will work or I will have to take them to court HUD!  That’s a SERIOUS VIOLATION by the WAY!!

BRING IT! . . . cause that is how the MIDDLE CLASS roles!

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HUD the plot thickens. . . Who is OLD REPUBLIC insured Credit you maybe wondering?

Well. . . Old Republic is an insurance company that COMPASS BANK uses for their mortgage loans.  HUD get this, COMPASS BANK made a Claim to Old Republic, saying pay us on  this second lien,

Now OLD REPUBLIC, thought ok, it’s in our contract somewhere, so they decided to record an “ASSIGNMENT” to a deed of Trust recorded in Douglas County Clerk and Recorder but they recorded this “ASSIGNMENT” on 5/4/2009 and 4/13/2009  which is AFTER my Chapter 7 Discharge of 3/10/2009.

OLD REPUBLIC  click on link

Chapter 7 affords rights to the person who has to go through that process more specifically, 11 USC &522.  A debt collector can not come after you when a DEBT has been discharged. 

I am beginning to think, HUD, that the Foreclosure in Jan 2012 may have been these debt collectors.  AND the attorneys who filed the foreclosure on behalf of PNC (MICHAEL MEDVED) may have known this as well.

 LCS at 866-662-9087  is the DEBT collector for OLD REPUBLIC.  I think HUD, they maybe involved as well!  FRAUD as well!!!

The Problem they had been that the NOTE and DEED were not CURRENT.     OOPS!  Is that INSURANCE FRAUD as well HUD?  Can you get them for INSURANCE FRAUD and SCAM,etc.

UPDATE:  LCS Financial services by NONE OTHER than the FAMOUS Leo Stawiarski.  This company is well, HE is the CEO and one of the guys that does 50% of all foreclosures in Douglas County.  He also pays our Public Trustess,etc and runs a system for the foreclosures that most Public Trustees use.

Ok I NOW know there is MEDVED after me as well as Castle &  Stawiarski.  Although, Stawiarski is BEHIND the scenes so to speak.  Hummm Interesting.  I  was threatened today by his company LCS which is a debt collection agency.  Good to know and Document. 

Stawiarski, just so you know, my LOAN with Compass bank, NOT old Republic insurance, and  was CLOSED!  FYI and Compass made an insurance claim after they wrote it off,  with OLD republic.   Your “ASSIGNMENT” was not in front of the JUDGE during Chapter 7 and after the fact.

HUD are you watching . . .

BRING IT!  That is how the MIDDLE CLASS roles. . .

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