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SEC applies one two PUNCH help For QUIET TITLE

HOUSE 1 bank 0

“Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged UBS Financial Services Inc. of Puerto Rico and two executives with making misleading statements to investors and concealing material information regarding securities. However, this approach is very unique that the SEC is taking. It bypasses the courts by the use Administrative Procedure Act, and directly charges the banks and executives involved with securities fraud, and even imposes a fine.

Take that BANKSTERS!

This is very powerful because the majority of judges in federal courts do not understand securities; attorneys also do not know how to defend such cases because they do not learn about securities laws in law school, so rather than risk losing a case based on a technicality or a judge’s unwillingness to address fraud committed by banks, the SEC is charging them directly and writing orders very much like a judge would do. This out-of-court approach will help investors and beneficiaries of fraudulently created trusts resolve cases in which mortgage-backed securities are involved.

Just like a judge can issue an injunction, the SEC’s version is to issue a cease and desist from violating the Securities Act of 1933. Which means if a bank defraud investors in regard to the existence of Trusts that don’t exist, and they bring it to the awareness of the SEC rather than the courts, they can receive relief for the fraud. Homeowners whose mortgages were put in defunct trusts secured by their deeds of trusts, benefit from such an order because it prohibits the banks and their agents from ever receiving any financial gain relating to such trusts. This way, homeowners are quietly winning injunctions against the big banks, without having to deal with the courts or when ruled against by the courts.

In this particular case of UBS in PR, the SEC used the Administrative Procedure to resolve the case. Here is exactly what the SEC said in its order:

In view of the foregoing, the Commission deems it appropriate and in the public interest to impose the sanctions agreed to in UBS PR’s Offer.” by Joseph Earnest

DETAILS Google SEC applies Admin. Procedure as one-two punch to UBS bank fraud Bring it  cause that is how the MIDDLECLASS ROLLS. . . .  click on link


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HUD Project Heritage. . .NON-Profit are you kidding me?

Hud, now seriously. . . in what World is Project Heritage non-profit?  Are you FREAKING kidding me?


A nonprofit organization (NPO) is an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than to distribute them as profit or dividends. States in the United States defer to the IRS designation conferred under United States Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c), when the IRS deems an organization eligible.[1]

While not-for-profit organizations are permitted to generate surplus revenues, they must be retained by the organization for its self-preservation, expansion, or plans.[2] NPOs have controlling members or boards. Many have paid staff including management, while others employ unpaid volunteers and even executives who work with or without compensation (occasionally nominal).[3] Where there is a token fee, in general, it is used to meet legal requirements for establishing a contract between the executive and the organization.

Designation as a nonprofit and an intent to make money are not related in the United States. This means nothing can be conferred by the declaration. It is unclear whether or not this holds outside of the U.S. In the United States, such inference is the purpose of the Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c). The extent to which an NPO can generate surplus revenues may be constrained or use of surplus revenues may be restricted.

Gospel of Prosperity by DENVER POST  click on link  click on link

10/25/2006 The Denver Post updated an article about Project Heritage.  Key points:

  • Project Heritage non-profit founded by the church,faulted for “SQUEEZING” too much profit out of a government program to help low-income families buy renovated homes.
  • State REP. Debbie Stafford,R-Aurora, a former Heritage assistant Pastor.
  • Project heritage has a IRS LEGAL TEAM to ensure IRS Compliance.
  • predominantly BLACK fellowship of churches
  • Early in 2000, the church took out a $1 million loan and purchased a seven-seat Hawker Sliddeley DH.125-400A jet built in 1969,according to FEDERAL Aviation Admin. records.
  • on 28 properties that needed a total of $8,000 in renovations, Project Heritage charged $870,000 more than what it had paid HUD for the homes.

Here in the Wild Wild WEST…..HUD reminds you kinda . . . COLORADO

So HUD, Hummmmm let’s see how that has EFFECTED me and MY HOUSE shall we. . . .

BILL OF SALE  click on link

So HUD the purchase price included the following ITEMS… well not really see my house doesn’t and NEVER had these:  Air conditioning,tv antennas, burglaralarm,securitydevices,PLANTSMIRRORS?,INTERCOM systems?, kitchen appliances?, Sprinkler system (HAHA HA),Vacuum systems (including accessories ok are you FREAKING kidding me here in FOUNDERS VILLAGE?  1,200 sq ft house)  storm windows, storm doors, awnings?, blinds nope NOT ONE WINDOW COVERING, curtain rods, drapery rods, garage door openers HAH HA,Storage sheds, 2 remote controls.

SO Hummm I received NONE of those items!  I was told to sign this BILL OF SALE by David R. McFann, Executive Dir. Project Heritage.  I needed a house so I signed!

PROJECT HERITAGE Documents  Click on link

HUD !  Click on link

truth in lending Click on Link  (M&T truth and lending)

Now HUD, M & T Mortgage said I “wanted” Credit Life Insurance,Credit Disability Insurance, and well BOTH Credit life and Disability Insurance.  Not really sure how BOTH, is any different than each one?  HUD, can you check on those for me….see I never got those but looks like I “WANTED” them and paid for them?  Hummmmm

My House had USED Appliances with Black Mold under the tiles in the kitchen.  Appliances broke in the second and 3rd year.  Had to replace Hot water heater in the first 6 months.  AND I still have original furnace that could go out at anytime.  NO sprinkler system ( I had that installed front and back),etc.  You get the picture!

The WILD WILD WEST. . . ahhh you gotta love those KIDS of your HUD …NO?

BRING IT! . . . . that is how the MIDDLE CLASS rolls. . . .

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What do Compass Bank,NCM, and MegaBank all have in Common?

Project Heritage From 2000-2005 was VERY BUSY but it looks like some records are HIDDEN,SEALED, or MISSING from DENVER wonder why?

Project Heritage DOUGLAS County click on link

Project Heritage Arapahoe County  click on link

Project heritage Adams County  click on link

Project Heritage Denver County  click on Link

Project heritage Broomfiled click on link

Project Heritage Boulder County  click on link

Project heritage Elbert County click on link

Project Heritage Weld County click on link

Project Heritage El Paso click on link

Project Heritage Larimer click on Link


Well HUD looks like Denver County is how can I say this kindly. . .Missing some Data.  Well like take 2001.  5 homes were purchsed from Sec of Housing and Urban development but than 6 homes from Project Heritage to well FOLKS were Warranty Deeds?

Plus well there may be a GLITCH in the system because most of the data in DENVER comes out line to line.  The warranty deeds well have spaces in them.  Kinda intersting NO?  Those Kids of your HUD, I tell ya.  Project Heritage sure does grant alot of DEED of TRUST to BANKS?  I’m just saying. . .

Ya know HUD, maybe that’s how those million dollar notes got lost?  I know paperwork can be cumbersome, Just balancing a check book can be tuff.  I would expect more from BANKS though wouldn’t you?


PROJECT HERITAGE PHI response to hud aduit  click on link

Wasn’t it National City Mortgage that went “Belly up”  so to speak and was bought by PNC BANK with Tarp Funds?  I  thought I rememberd reading that somewhere….OH YEAH,  HUD PNC is the bank trying to foreclose on my HOUSE. 

They forgot to tell Douglas  County  Clerk and Recorder about the LOAN MODIFICATION but they made sure to tell you HUD, well so they could get paid.  Would have been nice if they told ME!~

Now let’s see

Sept 19 2003 meeting PTA e business   Click on link

This was the FIRST, yes VERY FIRST meeting of the Public Trustee’s Association E Business Committee.  SO glad it was held at the Douglas County Events Center ….well in my Town! 

You know HUD, E Business KINDA reminds me of well MERS.

People have learned a lot about MERS, but in general we haven’t really focused on what it all means. In short, it means that the mortgage industry decided that it was above the law.

MERS was set up thoughtlessly, without regard to its basic legality, and designed with only two objectives: lowering the mortgage industry’s costs and maximizing its convenience. As a result, MERS has none of the advantages of the centuries-old system it was intend to replace, and largely has. MERS is not accurate, not transparent, and not accountable to the public. To let MERS continue simply allows it to continue wreaking havoc on property records and the legal morass it’s created to continue tangling foreclosure and bankruptcy cases nationwide.

HUD let me tell you about the HONOR system in COLORADO…Seriously did you NOT learn anything from the HUD scandals of 1989????

honor system  Denver POST ARTICLE click on link

Attorney ties to County Trustees Denver Post Article clink on link

Well HUD the Denver POST gets it!   maybe you could call one of the Authors of those articles for assistance?

Oh yeah what do all those BANKS have in Common with Project Heritage and  COLORADO…tax payer monies.

HUD are you still thinking that a HOMEOWNER under DISTRESS is just a deadbeat?  WHITE COLLAR CRIME is a funny thing well on PAPER maybe. . . but tell that to the VICTIMS and I’m thinkin they are not laughing.

NOW HUD,  Looks like LCS Financial, CEO Leo Stawiarski, has ties maybe to well….County trustees,MERS,Castle and Stawiarski you know Colorado’s most PROLIFIC ForeClosure Attorneys, COMPASS BANK aka BBVA Compass is a trade name for Compass Bank,National City Mortgage and oh yeah MEGABANK which I think was bought by COMPASS BANK.

MERS Robin Ptuitt Jones  Click on link

MY HOUSE is worth $143,000 according to the Douglas COunty Public Trustee and yet there was a 161,000 first loan with M and T Mortgage, than National City Mortgage, than PNC BANK.  PLUS Compass bank has a deed of trust for 33,000 and they happened to put a deed of trust from a revolving line of credit for 15,000 (not sure how they managed that one since the Trustee in DENVER and the JUDGE said it was a UNSECURE debt. 

The MATH…..drum roll is….$209,000 on a 143K home in FOUNDERS VILLAGE.  My house has less than 1200 sq ft.  How’d they manage that?  OH in case you are thinking, I spent 33,000 well think again because when I spoke up in 2006 regarding Project Heritage I got hit with that TAX LIEN of $34,000 that I had to pay some how?

Let me just say, BUSH and Jack Alphonso I have a Great memory and my files are ALL OVER THE FREAKIN place!    Kinda like in the RULE 120 hearing, it really didn’t matter what the PNC officer said on the PHONE to my question.   Either way he was SCREWED :

SO BRING IT . . . . . . it will not Matter!    Just BRING IT!!!!!!

That is how the MIDDLE CLASS ROLES!  and oh we Role baby!

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M and T Mortgage aka One M &T Bank out of New York

HUD, Remember when I began this BLOG, my goal was to SHOW that a HOMEOWNER in Distress is anything but a “dead beat.”  White Collar Crime is a SILENT but DEADLY crime to the Victim.  The price to an INNOCENT FAMILY is great! 

I have been dealing with Families in Distress for several YEARS now because of this WHITE COLLAR CRIME and honestly I am very tired!   Basically since 2007, I have been trying to assist families, with Real Estate, which often times is their largest investment.

FIRST NATIONWIDE Apr,1,2001  click on link

M and T mortgage (aka One M and T Bank out of New York) was my original lender and may have “Taught” Project Heritage a thing or two.

SOMEONE was able to wipe out my HISTORY of payment to M and T mortgage on my credit reports and that someone appears to be PNC BANK.  On Feb,2012 they finally adjusted my credit reports, but in doing so, wiped out any trace of payment history to M and T mortgage.  HOWEVER, being the, well keeper of files, I have that documented.

SO my first 3 months, my payments went to M and T mortgage, just like it appeared to HUD on the HUD 1 and my Jan 10,2001 closing.  I was transferred or SOLD to First Nationwide and that is when my payments began to change.  Just the 4th month into my purchasing of a home my monthly (FIXED RATE) mortgage began to change.  Oh is was subtle, just a few dollars, here and there, but changing and NOT the LOAN PAYMENT I was told I would have for the first year.

First it was because of my ESCROW, well what happened to my 3 months of payment to M and T?   HUmmmm where did they go?

Bring it! …….. That’s how the middle class roles. . . .

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M and T Bank out of NEW YORK HUD

HUD in Case you were wondering well HOW did M and T bank do this here in Colorado.  I mean after all, they are in NEW YORK aren’t they.  I think that is where WALL STREET is as well…..I’m just sayin. . .

M AND T originated  click on link

Well HUD, I was wondering the same thing?  Let’s review shall we….

I got this Letter on 2/16/2001  From What I think was First Nationwide Corporation.  Didn’t have a letter head or anything?  Hummm and HUD the funniest thing, well was the LOAN NUMBER 012000147.  Now HUD  I have looked at ALL MY PAPERS because well I save EVERYTHING, from when I purchased my HOUSE.  Yes HUD, I have the Original Loan papers,closing doc’s everything.

Oh don’t worry, I forwarded them on to well EVERYBODY by now!  While I was looking at my papers,  could not find any loan number of o12ooo147.  However, being the good CITIZEN that I am, I figured it was not only a change in servicing rights but  must have been a SOLD loan as well or SOMETHING?  Can you figure that out?

Ok so this NEW Loan information says SEND to First Nationwide Mortgage Corp  Dept 0004  Palestine, Illinois. 

Kids do the Craziest things don’t they HUD!!  Seems like you KID, M and T was busy as well.  See I got ANOTHER LETTER,yes that’s right.

Letter Dates 2/23/2001  Hummmm  Well that loan was my FHA LOAN on my closing papers LOAN 351796-8  Yup, rechecked it and that was it.  HUD  how can this be?  That letter said send to First Nationwide Mortgage corporation PO BOX 7300 Gaithersburg,MD 20898-7300

Now Honestly HUD who would you believe?  I had been making my payments to M and T Mortgage since I closed on Jan 10,2001  Hummm.. . .   This was for 4/1/2001 Payment.  Oh wait  I think I have  something else to clear that up!

Statement 2001  Click on link

RELEASE M AND T First nationwide  Click on link

Looks like MERS. . . I’m just sayin. . .

MERS M&T mortgage  click on link

Oh here we go HUD, I see the Letter dated 2/16/2001  should be where my payments go to that NEW LOAN NUMBER that I have never seen before. . .OH yeah it goes to Palatine, Illinois

NOW HUD, not really sure how my LOAN NUMBER changed other than this paperwork, Well maybe you can FIGURE That out!!!

BRING IT… Cause that is how the MIDDLE CLASS roles. . .  .

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M and T Mortgage AKA One M&T Plaza, Buffalo, New York 14203

Let’s Discuss your CHILDREN for a moment. . . . HUD  When we talk about these “kids” now a days well seems like we need to discuss what they are UP TO if you know what I mean.  As a “PARENT” HUD I think you would agree that kids can do some CRAZY things and well your KIDS are no different.

Securitizing a LOAN is what they have been up to and I think we need to discuss this a bit further:

Securitizing a Loan

“Securitizing a loan is the process of selling a loan to Wall Street and private investors. It is a method with many issues to be considered, especially tax issues. The methodology of securitizing a loan generally followed these steps:

  • A Wall Street firm would approach other entities about issuing a “Series of Bonds” for sell to investors and would come to an agreement. In other words, the Wall Street firm “pre-sold” the bonds.
  • The Wall Street firm would approach a lender and usually offer them a Warehouse Line of Credit. This credit would be used to fund the loans. The Warehouse Line would include the initial Pooling & Servicing Agreement Guidelines and the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement. These documents outlined the procedures for creation of the loans and the administering of the loans prior to, and after, the sale of the loans to Wall Street.
  • The Lender, with the guidelines, essentially went out and found “buyers” for the loans, people who fit the general characteristics of the Purchase Agreement,. (Guidelines were very general and most people could qualify.” The Lender would execute the loan and fund it, collecting payments until there were enough loans funded to sell to the Wall Street firm who could then issue the bonds.
  • Once the necessary loans were funded, the lender would then sell the loans to the “Sponsor”, usually the Wall Street firm. At this point, the loans are separated into “tranches” of loans, where they are then turned into bonds. Then, they went to the “Depositor”, usually either the Wall Street firm or back to the lender through as separate entity, and then they would be sold to the “Issuing Entity” which would be the created entity for the selling of the bonds. Finally, the bonds would be sold, with a Trustee appointed to ensure that the bondholders received their monthly payments.”

I thought this was explained well on the internet by someone..thank you to who ever is blogging!!!!

Now About this M and T Mortgage. . . . . M and T Mortgage Corporation, was my initial LENDER when I purchased my HOME in 2001.  I purchased my home through a program by well, HUD SPONSORED, through Project Heritage.  I was told back than that I “HAD” to use M and T Mortgage to quailfy.  Hummmm since when does ANYONE HAVE to use any lender?  Well, let’s just say I’ve learned alot since then.  I was a first time home buyer and NOT a Realtor yet.  I became a Realtor as I began to figure things out and I wanted to make a difference in this MARKET.

I’ve tried to explain the Process of Securitizing a Loan ( simply way) so that you might understand that each Securitized Loan, has the ownership of the Loan transferred two,three,times minimum, and without  assignments executed for each transfer.  The purpose of such a convoluted process was so that the “ENTITIES” selling the bonds could become a “Bankruptcy remote” vehicle, protecting lenders and WALL STREET from harm, and also creating a “TAX FAVORABLE” investment entity known as an REIMC.  Well that’s the General idea.

Enter those MER CHILDREN of yours HUD.  Or better known as MERS.  That’s another topic to BLOG about later. . . .

WAS M and T Mortgage (aka One M&T out of NEW YORK) the ORIGINATOR of this?  Hummmm well let’s take a look shall we……

M and T Mortgage Corp. PRE-sold my NOTE and DEED OF TRUST to First Nationwide on Jan 18, 2001.  However according to Rules and LAWS they had to notify the Borrower (ME).  So they were not able to sell on paper right away.  4/1/2001 would be the earliest they could.

Now Citimortgage  is well a PARENT of FIRST NATIONWIDE.  HUD, I gotta say, these “KIDS” and “PARENTS” well have issues……The reason I am telling you (HUD) is well these realationships are Under FHA.  AS my LOAN was a FIXED RATE FHA LOAN.  So you see HUD maybe you need some “CURFEW” times for those kids, some kind of SUPERVISION might be nice as well.  As you know, Kids very well can do the DARNEST things…Don’t you think?

Back to M and T MORTGAGE.. . .  They endorsed my NOTE IN BLANK?  Hummm wondering why they did that?  WELL….. come to find out…..Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) may address this issue, however, it can be argued in the negative:


“Person entitled to enforce” an instrument means (i) the holder of the instrument, (ii) a non-holder in possession of the instrument who has the rights of a holder, or (iii) a person not in possession of the instrument who is entitled to enforce the instrument pursuant to Section 3-309 or 3-418(d). A person may be a person entitled to enforce the instrument even though the person is not the owner of the instrument or is in wrongful possession of the instrument.

Traditionally, when a loan was executed, the beneficiary of the loan on the Deed of Trust was the lender. Once the loan was funded, the Deed of Trust and the Note would be recorded with the local County Recorder’s office. The recording of the Deed and the Note created a Public Record of the transaction. All future Assignments of the Notes and Deed of Trust were expected to be recorded as ownership changes occurred. The recording of the Assignments created a “Perfected Chain of Title” of ownership of the Note and the Deed of Trust. This allowed interested or affected parties to be able to view the lien holders and if necessary, be able to contact the parties. The recording of the document also set the “priority” of the lien. The priority of the lien would be dependent upon the date that the recording took place. For example, a lien recorded on Jan 1, 2007 for $20,000 would be the first mortgage, and a lien recorded on Jan 2, 2007, for $1,500,000 would be a second mortgage, even though it was a higher amount.

Oh so that’s why your KIDS decided to put into play a BLANK NOTE.  HUD seriously, a BEARER BOND, on my Mortgage?  I’d like to think that is NOT how we do BUSINESS in COLORADO, but well it was in 2001.

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