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What do the following folks ALL have in common. . .Makes you go OH SHIT!!


What does , WJ BRADLEY,PNC MORTGAGE, and COSTA RICA all have in COMMON. . . . .

off the 1-month LIBOR plus 1.20% 400000 11250879 CS First Boston Mortgage 3/17/28 1394100 300000 PNC Mortgage Acceptance Corp., Series 2000 C2, ….. 745830 ——— COSTA RICA – 0.1% 290000 Republic of Costa Rica, 144A,

Morgan Guaranty Trust Company                                  MAILING
500 Stanton Christiana Road                                   INFORMATION
Newark, Delaware 19713-2107

Northeast Freddie Mac Region 5/1 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgage Rate Chart

PNC Financial Services Group Inc. (PNC), the seventh-largest U.S. bank by deposits, declined in New York trading after second-quarter profit missed analysts’ estimates and mortgage-repurchase demands intensified.

PNC paid about $3.47 billion for Royal Bank of Canada’s RBC Bank USA and its related credit-card assets, a transaction that was completed in March. The purchase is expected to add 40 cents to earnings per share for the full year, excluding integration costs, Johnson said in April.

0316288 THE 0146477 OF – Computer and Information Sciences

… FEE 0000230 BANKING 0000229 VEHICLES 0000229 UNDERSTANDING ….. LIFETIME 0000123 LATIN 0000123 INLAND 0000123 HUNTING 0000123 HS …… TEMPLATES 0000001 TEMPLAND 0000001 TEMPING 0000001 TEMPEST …

So you see these numbers and codes?  Well that is similar to what flashes on my computer when I transfer a BPO (Broker price opinion) from Corelogic to well INDIA or where ever it goes?  It’s like my computer is looking for “CODES” through numbers.  I have seen Flashes of Government Documents that go by very quickly.  Things as a REALTOR, I  shouldn’t be seeing over the internet through my computer when I just upload a simple BPO.
Are these numbers that are flashing so quickly, related to LIBOR SCANDAL?
SO what information does CORELOGIC get when a realtor uploads a BPO?  HUMmmmmmmm  and how is CORELOGIC related to DOUGLAS COUNTY PUBLIC TRUSTEE?  Does MERS,INC have anything to do with CORELOGIC?
And here’s my question. . . How does Castle and Stawiarski relate to all of this?
BORN IN THE USA. . . . . WE the PEOPLE know WHERE WE LIVE. . . .
U.S. CONSTITUTION – a highly accessible online version

Article [X]

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

BRING IT…..WE the PEOPLE are READY. . . . . . . . .

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HUD 1270 S Lowell and well look at this. . . PNC MORTGAGE Address 3232 Newmark ,Miamisburg, OH

So HUD  Take alook,  CLOSE LOOK, at the addresses. . . . I’m just sayin. . .

I hate to SAY IT but HUD….PNC MORTGAGE  are you FREAKIN KIDDIN ME!!!!!  HELLO can you connect the DOTS here with SUITS in DENVER. . .

I am thinking MEDVED and Castle & Stawiarski would like ME very much to go away…..Sorry…Here to stay. . .   why. . .   MIDDLE CLASS  I’m just sayin. . .

UPDATE  DENVER why did all the DOCUMENTS go POOF?  Yeah HUD, they are all GONE  AMAZING~  Just like in DOUGLAS COUNTY . . . NED’s can go POOF!!!!

IT”S MAGIC. . . .  .AMAZING. . . . HUD can you HIRE some BETTER Lawyers and put them on a HORSE (Hope they can RIDE)… the WILD WILD WEST. . .  send them, to COLORADO and CLEAN up this MESS!!!!

CERT OF MAILING COMB NOTICE (1st)                     08/05/2008
COMBINED NOTICE (ORIGINAL)                     08/05/2008
DEED OF TRUST                     08/01/2008
DOT – NOTE CERTIFICATION                     08/01/2008
MAILING LIST                     08/12/2008
MAILING LIST                     08/12/2008
MAILING LIST                     08/01/2008
MAILING LIST ENVELOPES                     08/05/2008
NED                     08/01/2008
NED                     08/04/2008
NOTE                     08/01/2008
PT INST LETTER ALTERNATE                     08/01/2008
STATUTES (NS)                     08/05/2008
WITHDRAWAL                     08/26/2008
WITHDRAWAL                     08/26/2008
WITHDRAWAL                     08/27/2008
WITHDRAWAL                     08/27/2008

BRING IT….So Freeakin ready….

Record Type
Public Record
Public Record
Public Record
Public Record
Public Record
Public Record
Public Record
Public Record
Public Record
Public Record
Public Record
Public Record
Public Record
Recording Date
Document Type
Warranty Deed
Special Warranty Deed
Re-recorded Document
Re-recorded Document
Trustee’s Deed (Certificate of Title)
Intrafamily Transfer & Dissolution – Due to dissol
Warranty Deed
Warranty Deed
Warranty Deed
Trustee’s Deed (Certificate of Title)
Quit Claim Deed
Warranty Deed
Sale Price
Price Code
Full amount stated on Document.
Full amount stated on Document.
Non-arms length transaction.
Non-arms length transaction.
Non-arms length transaction.
Non-arms length transaction.
Full amount stated on Document.
Full Amount on Deed
Document states price as “0”, “None”, “No Consider
Non-Arms Length Transfer
Non-arms length transaction.
Full amount computed from Transfer Tax or Excise T
Buyer Name
Jessica L Tison
Raymond Allen
Hsbc Bank Usa
Hsbc Bank Usa Na
Hsbc Bank Usa
Marie A Freyta
Michael John Andre
Darcy Fowler
Project Heritage Inc
Mark W Puckett
Melanie G Neujahr
Buyer Vesting
Tenants in Severalty
Buyer ID
Beneficiary / Creditor – When Doc Type BD, this bu
Beneficiary / Creditor – When Doc Type BD, this bu
Beneficiary / Creditor – When Doc Type BD, this bu
Company or Corporation
Seller Name
Prairie Home Solutions Llc
Hsbc Bank Usa
Michael John Andre
Michael John Andre
Michael John Andre
Marie A Freyta,  Estate Of Michael Andre
Darcy Fowler
Project Heritage Inc
Neujahr, Melanie G
Neujahr, Melanie G
Neujahr Geraldine J
Seller ID
Company or Corporation
Trustee, or Conservator
Trustor/Debtor (Borrower in Default/Foreclosure on
Trustor/Debtor (Borrower in Default/Foreclosure on
Trustor/Debtor (Borrower in Default/Foreclosure on
Personal Representative (Attorney in Fact/Power of
Company or Corporation
Seller is owner on current Assessment File
Seller is owner on current Assessment File
Seller is owner on current Assessment File
Loan Amount
Loan Amount (2nd TD)
Loan Type
New Conventional
Type of Financing
Interest Rate
Due Date
Lender Name
Universal Lending Corp
Americas Wholesale Lender
Long Beach Mtg Company
Union Bank & Trust
City Transfer Tax
County Transfer Tax
Total Transfer Tax
Buyer Mailing Address
1270 S Lowell Blvd<br> Denver CO 80219-3842
7363 W Grant Ranch Blvd APT         2823<br> Littleton CO 80123-2658
3232 Newmark Dr<br> Miamisburg OH 45342-5421
3232 Newmark Dr<br> Miamisburg OH 45342-5421
3232 Newmark Dr<br> Miamisburg OH 45342-5421
258 S Monroe St<br> Denver CO 80209-3009
258 S Monroe St<br> Denver CO 80209-3009
1270 S Lowell Blvd<br> Denver CO 80219-3842
6090 Smith Rd<br> Denver CO 80216-4630
1405 Curtis St<br> Denver CO 80202-2349
1270 S Lowell Blvd<br> Denver CO 80219-3842
1270 S Lowell Blvd<br> Denver CO 80219-3842
Buyer Care Of Name
Document #
Recorder’s Book #
Recorder’s Page #
Contract Date
Partial Interest Transferred
Mortgage Document #
Adjustable Rate Rider
Adjustable Rate Index
Interest Only Period
Rate Change Frequency
Fixed to Adj. Rate Rider First Change Date
Change Index
Max Interest Rate on First Change Date
Min Interest Rate on First Change Date
Max Interest Rate
Prepayment Rider
Prepayment Penalty Rider (Term)
Cash Purchase
Inter-family Transfer
Construction Loan
Equity Credit Line
Stand Alone Refinance
Title Company Name
Vista Title Llc
None Available
None Available
None Available
None Available
None Available

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PNC Really….Are you Kidding me? what World does PNC LIVE IN?

june 25 2012 letter  Click on link

HUD, So I get home from work tonight and I have to go back to the OFFICE.  I can’t even BELIEVE what came in the MAIL. . .

CHECK from PNC June 25,2012

 PNC…..You sent me  a check at the END of January, 2012.  I have been to a RULE 120 HEARING on May 11,2012  Where the HONORABLE Judge  Paul King has DENIED your LEGAL GROUNDS for FORECLOSURE.

You LIED to HUD, stating you had a DEED OF TRUST recorded in DOUGLAS COUNTY in 2001, and a Loan Modification with FHA plus 9 years on the back of my LOAN to cover the 2nd lien from COMPASS BANK.

PNC, here’ s the thing.  YOU HAVE NO DEED of TRUST, yes that’s right!  AND you have a NOTE that is UNSECURED that I do not OWE per the LAW here in Colorado.  Not really sure about your law in OH but here in the WILD WILD WEST……you got problems!  Oh and for the RECORD. . .  house is worth more than $25.53  I’m just sayin. . . .

HUD Seriously. . . what WORLD does PNC LIVE in?  Do they not know I was already at a RULE 120 HEARING on May 11,2012?  Or could it be they just are finding out they have SEVERAL BEARER BONDS out there on my HOUSE? and everyone wants to collect ?  Well why are they PAYING ME?

Oh and on the LETTER is says MICHAEL P MEDVED is their Lawyer!  Really?


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HUD, it seems that my County assessor’s decided that ONCORE, LPS Aptitude would be a “GOOD” solution.

So Douglas County , Colorado Clerk and Recorder selects Aptitude Solutions for Recording and Indexing Platform which is ONCORE solution chosen to handle high volume property recordings.

LPS (Lender Processing Services, Inc LPS) is a leading provider of integrated technology and services to the MORTGAGE INDUSTRY.

HUD the KEY word here is Services to MORTGAGE INDUSTRY! I ask you HUD, is my public trustee still impartial?  I am not thinking so!  They are working for the MORTGAGE INDUSTRY now employed by the Governor, is tax payer monies.  Really. . . .

DOCX has a Price list out for these  Lenders.  Yes HUD a Freakin Price list for costs associated with MY MORTGAGE.  There is a copy of this price list on 4closureFraud “posted lender processing Services Mortgage Document Fabrication Sheet.”

How’s that work HUD?  Well DOCX has  a service for missing recordable documents through there web site DOCX   GETNET.  Click on link

So well for my House PNC BANK had to pay for

  • Create note Alloge   $12.95 +SH
  • FHA Mortgage Insurance submission  $95.00 +TPC
  • Obtain property address $5.50 +SH
  • Obtsain recorded Mortgage,Book,Page, or Instr.  $12.95 TPC
  • Obtain Copy of Loan Modification   $15.95 +TPC
  • Correct Title Policy endorcement  $15.95 TPC

and that’s just so far.  NOW they have a problem because they EXPOSED a BEARER BOND from M and T mortgage out of NEW YORK which indicated that it was the current MORTGAGE and DEED OF TRUST.

OOPS.  Not really since 2002 was National City Mortgage.  HOWEVER, M and T Mortgage is still out there in the pooling servicing world and when they paid for these services, well it gave them documents realted to 2001 when I purchased my house. . .

So did M&T Mortgage originate this FRAUD with Project Heritage?. . .  well it’s looking like YES they did!  HUD… would have been out alot of dollars here with this game your “CHILDREN” are playing.

And enter. . . . CORELOGIC. . . ta dah!  Oh HUD it’s getting better every day!

BRING IT!!!!       cause that’s how the MIDDLE CLASS rolls!

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SEC applies one two PUNCH help For QUIET TITLE

HOUSE 1 bank 0

“Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged UBS Financial Services Inc. of Puerto Rico and two executives with making misleading statements to investors and concealing material information regarding securities. However, this approach is very unique that the SEC is taking. It bypasses the courts by the use Administrative Procedure Act, and directly charges the banks and executives involved with securities fraud, and even imposes a fine.

Take that BANKSTERS!

This is very powerful because the majority of judges in federal courts do not understand securities; attorneys also do not know how to defend such cases because they do not learn about securities laws in law school, so rather than risk losing a case based on a technicality or a judge’s unwillingness to address fraud committed by banks, the SEC is charging them directly and writing orders very much like a judge would do. This out-of-court approach will help investors and beneficiaries of fraudulently created trusts resolve cases in which mortgage-backed securities are involved.

Just like a judge can issue an injunction, the SEC’s version is to issue a cease and desist from violating the Securities Act of 1933. Which means if a bank defraud investors in regard to the existence of Trusts that don’t exist, and they bring it to the awareness of the SEC rather than the courts, they can receive relief for the fraud. Homeowners whose mortgages were put in defunct trusts secured by their deeds of trusts, benefit from such an order because it prohibits the banks and their agents from ever receiving any financial gain relating to such trusts. This way, homeowners are quietly winning injunctions against the big banks, without having to deal with the courts or when ruled against by the courts.

In this particular case of UBS in PR, the SEC used the Administrative Procedure to resolve the case. Here is exactly what the SEC said in its order:

In view of the foregoing, the Commission deems it appropriate and in the public interest to impose the sanctions agreed to in UBS PR’s Offer.” by Joseph Earnest

DETAILS Google SEC applies Admin. Procedure as one-two punch to UBS bank fraud Bring it  cause that is how the MIDDLECLASS ROLLS. . . .  click on link


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PNC BANK “We Don’t do FRAUD”….ugh yeah you DO!

HUD, when you talk to your “CHILDREN” and you are handing them MONIES (ie TARP FUNDS, or INCENTIVES for loan Modification through FHA, or when you make them WHOLE by paying them after a foreclosure because the HOUSE was insured)….well you MIGHT want to teach them HOW TO LIE better in court!

I’m just saying. . .when for example PNC BANK, is wanting to foreclose on someone… you may want to tell them or their LAWYERS (ie MEDVED) that the evidence they bring before a JUDGE is “supposed to support their LIES” not prove the DEFENDANT CORRECT?

petitioner’s exhibit 2 click on link.

Well this Petitioner’s Exhibit 2 for example.  HUD when a Plaintiff (A plaintiff (Π in legal shorthand), also known as a claimant or complainant, is the term used in some jurisdictions for the party who initiates a lawsuit ) brings evidence into a court room and they are initiating the lawsuit, well proof of a LOAN MODIFICATION would be rather like saying, the DEFENDANT is Correct your HONOR!

On page 3 of Exhibit 2 was presented to the Honorable Judge Paul King during my Rule120 hearing.  That pg 3 clearly shows that on 9/14/2010 there was an ADJUSTMENT of $10,720.93  and my loan went from $140,283.01  to $151,003.94.  Now HUD, I may not be the BEST math student, in fact when I received my Master’s Degree it was in Public Administration (UNC).  Did you know that?  Yes HUD, I happen to be an Educated HOMEOWNER!

US dept of HUD Washington DC  Click on Link

HUD, I thought I would provide you with the policy and procedures for FHA modifications, so you can “discipline your child, PNC BANK”.

  • Lender must ensure first-lien status of the modified mortgage.  In satisfying this requirement, the lender must comply with any applicable state or federal laws and regulations.  I’m just sayin. . . .
  • The Lender is responsible for ensuring that the modification documentation preserves the first lien status of the FHA INSURED LOAN.  (it looks like  they tried to do this by putting OLD REPUBLIC INSURANCE 2nd lien, on the BACK SIDE of the mortgage adding 9 years to the life of my loan.)
  • Allowable provisions,fixed rate loan,fully reinstate the loan,FORECLOSURE costs,LATE FEES,and other admin expenses may not be CAITALIZED, they can get monies in a the form of a repayment plan lump sum,etc SEPERATE from and subordinate to, the modification agreement.

Well hud, those are the Biggest VIOLATIONs from PNC in summary form but there are more.  I’m just sayin. . .

PNC LETTER MAY 10,2012  click on link

HUD here’s the FRAUD, well a portion of it anyways. . . . PNC Letter Dated May 10,2012  Said, yes in fact there was a Loan Modification, Aug 27,2010 approved (lawyer’s exhibit 2)  But OOPS well PNC didn’t really approve that LOAN MODIFCATION, “they were unable to approve loan modification Jan 2012”.

HUD is that like the BANK asking for a DO-OVER?  You know how children play games and ask for a “DO-over”?

HUD I am trying to keep a SENSE of HUMOR here but this is VERY STRESSFUL!  Could you please make an ARREST and put  PNC BANK BEHIND BARS!

The Bank is not above the LAW.  When does a HOMEOWNER EVER get a DO-OVER?  NEVER, they loose their home,etc.  WAKE UP!

UPDATE JUNE 16,2012  got another  LETTER from PNC letting me know that YES, they are gathering information.  Well it sure is taking you along to to figure out how to AVOID FRAUD charges!  Still freakin waiting!

pnc letter june 11,2012

UPDATE:  YES HUD It’s July 25,2012…I have not recieved Much   further news  from ALL the agencies I have contacted. The State of Alabama did respond and that was helpful about BBVA and COMPASS bank. . . . The Attorney General is reviewing 3 counties foreclosure files and The Govenor has asked for 9 Public Trustees to resign….that’s about it.

BRING it!    I am SOOOOOO very READY!  BRING IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OCC case number omb no.1557-0232

PNC your letter is just one more LIE.   It’s been 15 days since you were contacted by OCC and a formal complaint against you.

PNC letter May25,2012   click on link

On May 22,2012 I filed a Complaint with the OCC.  In this complaint I was VERY specific.

1.  PNC tried to Foreclose on my house 2x’s now.  in 2009 and most recently on May 11,2012.

2.  The Judge Paul King DENIED the motion for foreclosure in a non-judicial court.  CASE   2012CV000415

3.  PNC provided the Court with a NOTE and Deed from 2002 that was an adjustable rate mortgage.

4.  Loan modification RECORDED with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SEC of Housing and Urban Development on Aug 2010.  This loan modification states there is a recorded DEED of TRUST from Jan 16,2001 Book 1949/pg 472 for a FIXED RATE FHA LOAN.

5.  NOT recorded in Douglas County clerk and Recorder and NOT 2002 note and deed PNC has filed a foreclosure on in Court.

6.  PNC has an UNSECURED NOTE which has been discharged (NOT  REAFFIRMED) from Chapter 7 on Mar 10,2009

7.  Red Ticket item with HUD and PNC transferred the 2002 Note and Deed on Dec 2011 from 2002 DIRECT violation of SEC 131 of the Federal Truth and Lending act.

8.  Violations that also come to mind  CRS 4-9-401,CRS 4-9-401(1), CRS 38-30-117,CRS 38-35-109 plus PNC reported to my credit Bureaus that my mortgage status was in Default for 4 years.

PNC, it must take a while for you to respond to ALL of the issues you are facing!  May I remind you that this started with you RETURNING my Jan 1,2012 mortgage payment for $1,700.00  PNC, YOU took it upon yourself to file a second Foreclosure on my house in Jan.2012 and choose to TRASH my name in the papers,etc.  All the while telling me  “We are committed to helping you retain your home”.  REALLY?

HUD, don’t pay these guys a DIME of the FHA insurance money for their UNCLEAN HANDS!

BRING IT!  Cause that is HOW the MIDDLE CLASS roles. . . .

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PNC….rather Foreclose than take PAYMENT?

HUD what is really Interesting. . . is that with all my Communications with PNC (your KID) there is always a DIFFERENT code in the letters.

Well take for instance this Letter on Jan 17,2012 it is referring to my Jan 1,2012 LOAN payment.

PNC return CHECK click on link

On this Letter, there is a CODE PS640 009 VCA   and on the rest there are different codes?  HUD what do those codes mean?

Just wondering. . . .

Oh and the Letter, Yeah that was my Jan 1,2012 loan payment for $1,700.oo  it was Done electrically, so PNC had to send it back to me in a check form then….. so well ….they wanted to FORECLOSE instead I guess. . .  .

feb 28,20-12 $38,963.21  click on link

On this LETTER, just a few days after my mortgage check was returned, is LM021 022 SAY  HUD those must be SOME LAWYERS if they get paid $29,993.54 for a Loan foreclosure?  Seriously. . . Those Attorney Fees and Costs seem rather HIGH don’t you think?

HUD on  the Letter Dated Jan 17,2012 when PNC returned my Jan 1st mortgage payment (which was NOT A LOAN MODIFCATION PAYMENT) just for the record, they did say. . .

“Please keep in mind that any incurred expenses for legal consultation,property inspections,property maintenance that are permitted under the terms of your note,security instrument, and applicable state and federal law are your responsibility.”

HUD So the state of COLORADO and the FEDERAL government said it’s ok for PNC (your kid) to charge me $29,993.54?  Really?

AND the total due is $38,963.21 to be paid by 3/1/2014    Now HUD I know MATH can be cumbersome, but seriously  a BANK should have correct figures…..DON’T YOU THINK?

Last Question for the DAY HUD. . . WHY is my May 10,2012 letter from  PNC DAYTON, OHIO and my Jan and Feb 2012  Letter from PNC Miamisburg, OH?  Just wondering. . . . 

UPDATE FROM PNC  YESTERDAY (June 12,2012)  No Suprise from PNC.  The Letter says, “We continue to gather information and research our records in order to accurately respond to the inquiry.  We expect to contract you in writing with the results by JUNE 20,2012

pnc letter june 7  Click on Link

HUmmmm again with the waiting, well June 20,2012 is 30days since I filed a COMPLIANT with OCC.

BRING IT!!!! cause that’s how the MIDDLE CLASS roles. . .

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