CORELOGIC… smells fishy HUD

CoreLogic introduced EagleCert to the mortgage industry for the first time in 2001. In September 2002, CoreLogic acquired Source One Services Corporation, a nationwide provider of broker price opinions (BPO) to the financial services industry. CoreLogic obtained Network Appraisal Services (NAS), an appraisal fulfillment solution in December 2005. NAS allows lenders to outsource the appraisal process–yet utilize their own appraisal panel. All these events made significant contributions to our production and delivery of real estate valuation products.

We have expanded market share and national presence while exploring business efficiencies and customer benefits which technology could extend to a typically paper-intensive business. The development of ValuEdge, our Web-based order and delivery system, has changed how property valuation services are offered.”

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Found that History on the WEB,  per their copyright laws.  Google if you want more information.

Take a DEEPER look at CORELOGIC Hud.  There’s something going on there and it has to do with the “outsourcing”.  Here’s how I see it.  When a Realtor completes a BPO (Broker price opinion), they send it on it’s way over the internet.


The BIGGEST 3 are SOURCENET,CORELOGIC,and  CORELOGIC has a BPO component and there  are “select” Realtors who are “ASSIGNED” BPO’s in their Market area to do them.

Some of the Players are FHLMC (New) and FNMA(New)Citi Financial,ValueView,Litton,Countrywide, and oh look GMAC.

EXAMPLE:  Order number 7500486  address 11 W. Wolfensberger TPS 353L  Tracia Scott was the order, for CITIFINACIAL Evaluation  and the Tracking NO 052416JB 90 HAM

When I completed this BPO and sent it on it’s way I was not able to.  Glitch in the system? MAYBE?  I had to call the 800 number for assistance.  Now the Order says it’s from UTAH however my phone call gets routed to what I can only think is INDIA.  I confirmedthat with the person on the phone since they always have such a thick accent.  They always “say” this call maybe monitored or recorded which makes you “think” legitate and safe guards.

The thing is HUD, my computer went “NUTS” when I finally was able to send this BPO over a few hours later.  I even had to extend the due time by a day or so.

What happened to my computer was the ODDEST of things.  It was “like” something had control of it.  It flashed well quiet frankly, information I should not be able to see for a second.  That fast, and my information somehow became ‘CODED” or “DECODED”.  It was like the screen was looking for words,codes,making sense of something I didn’t understand?

I think my data was compromised somehow, and sent to INDIA via a BPO REPORT.  How weird is that?  Now HUD, I have been doing BPO’s for years for a whole lot of different companies.  This however, was new and something I have never experienced, not really sure I can explain it, but somehow it seemed like I was giving information over the net and NOT under my control at all.  It flipped through my report “LOOKING” for words and numbers.  It happened really fast like 1-2 seconds and than it was done.

HUD take a look into that will ya!  There’s something FISHY about CORELOGIC!

How are you going to protect a WHISTLEBLOWER in India?  HUD there’s no way, you can’t.

UPDATE:  So Hud I had another BPO from Corelogic on 4024 Mesa meadows Ct  7/16/2012  Order 7607953  This one went to a NORMAL speckaing man, I asked him where he was ,He said in UTAH.  Now HUD I can not tell you the last time I was directed to UTAH?  Most ALWAYS has been INDIA.  This guy said some of the clients get directed to India but this client went to Utah?  WHAT…..and in this BPO there was a trick, I Had to call to find out where to place the Dollar amount in  the LAND field.  They had it different, and I had to call to find out where, otherwise I was unable to send.  This time, I didn’t see anything becasue my screen went BLANK….lasted longer (3-5 sec) and than it was done.  The CODE was BPO3S3L  and usually they were TPS or BOA and LITTON.  So from what I see the Bank of America, Litton, and countrywide all went to INDIA.

When I get order from TPS,BOA, or Litton….It’s a duplicate order at the very same time.  The 2nd order is not even a second off in my email.  It has 2 different order numbers.  The 2nd order says it was given out to ANY Realtor, but that can not be true since it has my CODE on it.  Those orders ALWAYS go to INDIA, I have a hard time uploading them, usually have to call Utah and get routed to INDIA. . . .

I got another order this AM and it’s just one order. . .

BRING IT!….. that’s how we roll. . .

The First order was 7624329  and the Dupicate order 7624332  It’s in this second order that things happen.  Who ever has access to these numbers, changes it on the Photo screen.  There is an automated screen that has my rep code and order number.  I can not change it,but someone else can.

This Screen is where I think someone changes the number and than it gets routed Differently.  I always end up with someone in INDIA. . . or at least that is what I think.  And when my computer was werid, I could hear someone saying No Way it couldn’t be YOU?  Looked my computer went crazy looking for codes,etc.  Plus it looked like Government stuff flashed on the screen?  like stats,etc.

Only happens when I get those orders that have dupilcate at same time.

UPDATE:  Freakin scam… OK so that’s how they do it.  I get locked out of the sytem, I have to call in, give my rep code.  They send me a NEW LOGIN PASSWORD to use and Tadahhhh….. they can capture information in INDIA!  Are you freakin kiddin me. . . .   SO I’m giving someone I do not want to information from my computer….nice…..  It doesn’t have a TO: which should be to me in this email and it says in the email to undisclosed recipients?





Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 3:12 PM


SourceNet Password Management:

Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

United States 752
Canada FlagCanada 107
Bangladesh FlagBangladesh 3
Philippines FlagPhilippines 3
India FlagIndia 2
Mexico FlagMexico 1
Italy FlagItaly 1
Spain FlagSpain 1
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 1
Singapore Flag

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