IRS. . .Seriously!

So HUD, let’s talk about my week so far.  You can say it’s a week in review!  I began this Journey ONLINE that is, on May 26,2012 and Well HUD today is June 2,2012.  So let’s see. . .   that’s 8 days.

I thought Memorial Day Week-end was appropriate…don’t you?  You know my father was in the Army as a rifleman.  World war II.  Did you know that HUD?  and he was GOOD, taught me a few things at a very early age. . .  .

Any way….my week…oh yeah FUNNY Story.  On Thursday, I met with an Appraisal Person, on one of my homes that I am representing the BUYER on.  It’s in the Meadows, small community, in Castle Rock.  Great area really and nice homes both Old and New.  Anyways, I get to the house EARLY, but my Appraisal guy calls, as I was sitting OUTSIDE, the home, and he said he’ll be running late.

Hummm SO I drive back to the office, and well wait about an hour and 1/2.  He finally calls and said he was on his way.  Ok I’ll meet him there again.  I sit outside waiting a few, and he shows up.  He said you would not believe it….there was an accident causing him to be delayed.  No problem. . .

We both go in the house and I let him go in first, I’m “kind” that way.  I smell GAS right away.  Good thing neither one of us SMOKE right!  I know there’s a gas stove, been in the house with my BUYER before.  We open up windows and doors, and oh yeah “I’m smart” that way, do not turn on lights,etc.  The stove has 2 burners (not just one) turned on LOW with no light.  Well, NOW HUD, how do you suppose those burners got turned on?  Do you suppose SOMEONE, knew I would be going to that house on Thursday at 10am?  or was it just a MISTAKE, someone left those burners on?

HUD, that’s a Community with CHILDREN living in the neighborhood.  I’m just sayin……You had better get “YOUR CHILDREN” under control HUD!

Looks really really BIG

I got a Call on Friday Night,about 530-6pm.  UNKNOWN caller on my cell phone.  Said I needed to call Right AWAY.  Gave me a case number 6870925040  and the message, which of course I saved, said I had to call no later than MONDAY. . . . OR WHAT ??? The IRS has nothing better to do than come after me on a Friday night?

Seriously, HUD, I think your children maybe NERVOUS.  Or maybe a coincidence?  HUD Don’t worry about me, I have Support.  You don’t think I would be doing this without it?  Oh an my files, well they are not in ONE place…not in my home,nor in my car,nor in my office,etc.  They are well shall we say, in a safe place!  Or maybe a Better term would be SEVERAL SAFE PLACES.     🙂

You see HUD, I’ve learned a few things since I tried to speak up in 2006.  You know when the IRS came to my House of 1200sq ft BIG to tell me, my tax return was WRONG and my gas record for real estate , was not GOOD ENOUGH for the IRS, so the IRS gave me a fine of  $34,000 and put that Lien PUBLIC on my HOUSE!  Yup scared me back then!

It was like walking into a Hornets’ nest. . .back then.  I didn’t really know what I was up against.  AHHHHHH the news and the internet… it’s a beautiful thing….don’t you think HUD!

So if your CHILDREN think that they can, well destroy my records,or intimidate me… well think again!  And if it looks like I am alone, think again. . .

My support can be seen in well the ODDEST of places….with folks you may not know?

UPDATE ON JUNE 13,2012  Weds.   It’s been 19 days since I began this Journey ON LINE.  This past week, I had to change my TIRE on my  car, it was flat this AM  coincidence?  MAYBE?  Plus I have had 2 letters in the MAIL from the IRS, one threatening to Levy in 30 days.  NICE. . .

UPDATE June 19,2012  TUESDAY.  It’s been 25 days since this Journey ONLINE began.  I have been contacted by IRS 4x’s this week.  Apparently they want to place ANOTHER LIEN on my house or actually foreclose for what looks like $7,000.  WOW, so the Government can take my house for $7,000 amazing.  I have replied in writting as well as a phone call that I am requesting a HEARING.  But they said they can file a lien and actually take the money out of the bank BEFORE my hearing anyways.  GOOD TO KNOW.  Within 30 days.  So I guess that would be July 7,2012   Are you FREAKIN KIDDING ME?????

UPDATE: july 26,2012  Apparently I am SUDDENLY  PHOTOGENIC?  Yes that’s right HUD, had a Pickup truck stop by the side of my house last night,7:44pm  Light colored pickup,maybe ford or gmc with a ton of crap in the back of the bed,and a Pink kids bike on top.  Dark windows,rolled down the passengers side,automatic,and took a picture of me through my front window.  Do you think it will make the front page of GLAMOUR?

Update:  I bought a new phone a few days back.  Recieved some information from Chicago on 7/26 and afterwards my phone died.  Had to go to Store in lonetree to get another phone.  Guy in white van with alot of elctrical equipment came in after me looked to be working on lights in store.  Another guy in Dark pickup truck parked next to me and left shortly afterwards.  Got new PHONE.  Recieved a voice mail from 970-371-9276 (not my voicemail) and it was from corelogic requesting revision to BPO.  Hummmmmm area code 970 is still colorado?  How can that be when Corelogic is in UTAH and getting transferred to India?  7/27 voicemail 2:18pm

Country: USA
Location: Colorado (Durango, Grand Junction)

BRING IT. . . . I will NOT BACK DOWN. .  because well  THAT’s HOW WE ROLL in the MIDDLE CLASS!!!!

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