MERS “children” HUD

HUD, those MER children of yours have been well UP TO something in my town.   Project Heritage was that NON-PROFIT (are you kidding me) that worked with First Preston Management,INC as Prime contract for well YOU  HUD!  Their number at times was #C-OPC-21328

It must have been getting HARD for your CHILD to do all the paperwork.  Here’s a DEED that looks well ……you tell me ?

930 quarterhorse trail  click on link

HUD I’m helping you out here so LISTEN UP!  There are 9 Supplemental Deeds Recorded in Douglas County CLerk and Recorder.  JUST 9 so this sure be EASY for you.  We talked about Supplemental Deeds in a prior post, those were CONSTRUCTION DEEDS put on our houses from First Preston and Project Heritage.

You can look them up by INSTRUMENT or Book/Page


1.  2000012052      that’s my Neighbor at 3741 Morning Glory Drive

2.  2000034423    neighbor 215 Douglas Fir Ave

3.  28000085038     ME 5362 E SANDPIPER AVE.

4.  2002007670     neighbor in (Parker) 8736 Starwood Lane

5.  2002137656     neighbor (Metzler) 17667 Ponderosa

6.  2003111070  neighbor( Parker) 10870 Mount Bross Way

7.  2003111072  neighbor  930 Quarter Horse Trail

8.  2003150324  neighbor  1089 Tabor Drive

9.  2003154231  neighbor ( parker )10501 Berthoud Way

HUD those are the Supplemental Deeds From Project Heritage.  You know what would be INTERESTING, well how many of those homes went into FORECLOSURE?  Well let’s see. . .

Out of 9 homes with those supplemental deeds, 6 foreclosed, and 3 were sold quick by owners.  A Hard paper trail here but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

8736 Starwood Lane  Click on link  looks like a deed in lue?

Hummm would like to know how many homes through this program have been in foreclosure?

UPDATE:  July 26,2012  20120727130323249  click on link

Douglas records  Click on link

UPDATE: July 28,2012  Corelogic Loveland  click on link

  • Look at SALES DATES  in back of all these attachd files.  4/10/2010  and 2 dates for RECORD 4/14  and 4/15  THAN look at DISTRESSED INFORMATION  re recorded date 5/4/2011 and 4/15/2010   and rescission date.  Look at loan amount $69,600.00 and LOAN NUMBER is MERS INC.  5/12/2006 countrywide home loans  and LIBOR mortgage doc 474172

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