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Once a UPON a Time Guaranty Bank and Trust. . . . TEMPLE INLAND

Yes…I am working on another BPO from Corelogic…..Seems I get alot of them these days. . .

The Address well that’s interesting……2423 Castle Butte Drive, Castle Rock Co  80104.  It’s located in Keene Ranch  a really nice area if you’ve never been…Awe well you should come take a look HERE!

How many quick claims can ONE HOUSE have?  Is there a limit of these in Colorado?  I’m just sayin. . .

BINGO Castle and Stawiarski  click on link

NED PT2012-0836  Click on link

Well how did I get Guaranty Bank on this one….you might be even scratching your head or well if your a GUY……

Yeah I was kinda wondering that myself.  See doing these BPO’s well I come across information ..Yeah….

Try looking up Reception 2006066665 in Douglas County Records.  Recorded on 8/3/2006  it’s called a MODIFICATION OF DEED OF TRUST.

CLTA Modification Endorsement Guideline 110.5

This endorsement provides assurances to an ALTA lender
that after the deed of trust or mortgage has been modified by agreement, that
said modification agreement is valid, that it properly modifies said deed of
trust or mortgage and that as modified, said deed of trust or mortgage is prior
to any liens or encumbrances other than those shown as superior liens on the
policy or noted in the endorsement.
This endorsement provides broader
coverage than the CLTA 110.4 Endorsement since it insures property of the deed
of trust or mortgage as modified.

K2 HOMES at 2454 Castle Butte Dr…..Guaranty   Bank and trust with an  address of  Castle Rock PO box 5847  DENVER ,CO 80217

SERIOUSLY. . . I guess if I wanted to make Guaranty Bank go away this could be one way to do that?  I’m just sayin. . . .

Oh and CHECK out the REQUEST for release of Deed of Trust’s on this HOUSE. . . I want one of those so I don’t have to produce evidence of DEBT!  Reception 2007068668  or 2007052373

Construction  Deed of Trust reception 2005027817 and assignments of RENTS  Reception 2006041600

The BEST one to check out though might be Guaranty Bank and Trust PO BOX 5847 Denver ,CO 80217  UCC FINANCIAL STATEMENT  Reception 2006102728…I’m just sayin…might be worth a look-see.

MIN:1001358-1701126010-9 Note Date:10/17/2006 MIN Status:Inactive
Servicer: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.fka EMC Phone:(800) 848-9136
Monroe, LA

Well than UCC statement First National Bank of Strasburg  Reception 2005027820. . . Yeah

Need help?  ohhhhh YEAH  HELP HERE please!!!!!!
MIN:1001358-1701126011-7 Note Date:10/17/2006 MIN Status:Inactive
Servicer: FDIC as Receiver for Washington Mutual Bank Phone:(800) 848-9136
Monroe, LA
UPDATE:  You might want to check on PT 2009-1528  SOLD for 350K  and PT 2009-1575  Castle Stawiarski  US bank, NA as trustee for CCB LIBOR series 2006-A TRUST  . . . . . .Really. . . .

That was than this is NOW. . . . . Bring it……WE THE PEOPLE want a Change!  I like that SONG by Katy Perry. . . .PART OF ME. . . . . .

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