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THANK YOU. . well deserved. . . I must say!

We the PEOPLE do appreciate it when FOLKS can COOPERATE. . .

Like take for example 274 Ponderosa. . . here in Castle Rock!  I have had this listing which should have been under contract on July 30,2012.

Today I can say we have AN OFFER pending. . . Which is a BIG move.  Thank you to the Secretary of State of COLORADO ( “wink” that potter platter I gave you awhile back through ACCION , hope you still enjoy that piece!) and

Bernie Buescher | June 11, 2010 at 10:14 AM | Reply

Mary — I am delighted with the platter/plate set that you made for Accion and they gave to me following my keynote.  This was completely unexpected and an enormous suprise.

Your work is beautiful.  My wife and I enjoy handmade pottery, and we are friends with many of the potters in Grand Junction.  The colors and subtle flower design suggest Western Colorado (even though you may not have been thinking of our high country and wildflowers).  And even more fun, on a personal level, was the fact that this was presented on my wife’s birthday, and we both get to enjoy your work.

Thank you so much.  I hope we get to visit in the future.

Bernie Buescher Secretary of State, State of Colorado

The Secretary of DELAWARE.

BRING IT. . . . . On the RIGHT TRACK BABY. . . . We the PEOPLE

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Hey DENVER whatya hiddin? Hummmmmm

warranty deed  Click on Link

So HUD I got to thinking….How could DENVER  hide Warranty Deeds?  or well another question would be WHY would DENVER hide Warranty Deeds?

So I took a stroll to MLS ( the metrolist in Denver).  I wanted to see just what is going on.  UGH!  Clear picture here.  So let’s take for example oh this address…. shall we….

4581 Flanders Way, Denver CO  80249  (MLS 632474)

Legal  Lot 28,blk 1,Green Valley Ranch Filing NO. 3  in the CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER STATE OF COLORADO.

interesting home I think…..

Now in the Metrolist (there’s a LIBRARY there did you know that?)  Yes a place you can find records from well, way back, even if you didn’t have those records ONLINE, well you could saunter over and have a “look see”.

On 3/14/2002  this house was reported sold on the MLS  with a MLS NO. of 632474  and well here’s the Kicker, it was sold by Kathy Mahaffey.  Yup that what the records say over there.

HOWEVER, when I took a trip to well…..DENVER….It’s HOT there by the way!!

DENVER DEED UNKNOWN  click on link 

The Denver Clerk and Recorder must not have known  WHO the Warranty DEED was from?  That would be the GRANTORS. 

I guess I don;t understand?  HUD can you explain to me HOW DENVER would not know who this warranty is from?  It says WARRANTY DEED, PROJECT HERITAGE made on April 1st 2002.

Ok now maybe that’s someone’s idea of a JOKE?  You know April FOOLS day and ALL?  I don’t think the SEC is laughing DENVER!!!!

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (also called the Exchange Act, ‘34 Act, or Act of ’34) (Pub.L. 73-291, 48 Stat. 881, enacted June 6, 1934, codified at 15 U.S.C. § 78a et seq.) is a law governing the secondary trading of securities (stocks, bonds, and debentures) in the United States of America. It was a sweeping piece of legislation. The Act and related statutes form the basis of regulation of the financial markets and their participants in the United States. The 1934 Act also established the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),[1] the agency primarily responsible for enforcement of United States federal securities law.

Companies raise billions of dollars by issuing securities in what is known as the primary market. Contrasted with the Securities Act of 1933, which regulates these original issues, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 regulates the secondary trading of those securities between persons often unrelated to the issuer, frequently through brokers or dealers. Trillions of dollars are made and lost each year through trading in the secondary market.

SEC Securities Exchange Commission

Not so funny I’m thinkin HUD.  TELL that to all the folks loosing their HOMES right now!  I am thinkin they will not like that APRIL FOOL’s JOKE!!!

Denver why you HIDDIN all those DEEDS?  Can’t you read….WARRANTY DEED…..PROJECT HERITAGE???

UPDATE:  5547 Crystal Denver, CO 80239  OOPS that DEED must have been hard to read as well DENVER…… MLS 397493

Chain Of Title  Google :Denver County Clerk and Recorder

UPDATE:  2063 S FOX Denver ,CO 80223      (MLS 395919)

Chain Of Title  Goggle: Denver County Clerk and Recorder

WELL HUD are you getting the PICTURE YET?

4415 Osceola Denver, CO 80212  MLS 45947  Sold by Kathy Mahaffey 10/23/2000

BRING IT!!!!  That’s how we roll in FOUNDERS VILLAGE!!

UPDATE:  4322 Freeport, Denver,CO 80239   MLS 600180

HUD I can’t locate these at all in DENVER?  Maybe my error?

15423 ELKCREEK  Denver, CO  SOLD 10/12/2000  MLS 430337

20394 E 44th Denver, CO 80249  Sold 4/25/2001  MLS 507769

UPDATE:  This was a RICHMOND HOMES,INC bought in 9/12/1995 by the  Newell’s (Edward and Michelle)  6/10/1999 they sold to Latanya Wesson FHA LOAN for $176,900 HER fiancing was TEMPLE INLAND Mtg Corp.  OOPS HUD they foreclosed on 2/15/2001  and you got the house back cause well it was an FHA ,you know INSURED.  You sold to Project Heritage on 5/7/2001 and Project Heritage  SOLD for $191,500 to Barry K Rose  YES HUD FHA LOAN on 5/3/2001  WOW that’s really CLOSE dates there HUD.  OH I see Project Heritage RE RECORDED BACK to you HUD on 9/10/2002

Oh Look Barry K Rose SOLD it AGAIN on 6/11/2010 to Michael D Stockburger and Erika J Brown for $169,900  Now HUD how do you think Barry Rose could have sold it on 6/11/2010 when he clearly didn’t have title on 9/10/2002 because Project heritage gave it back to you than?????

Yeah, DENVER ,I’d hide that DEED if I was you.  That one is HARD to explain!  I’m just sayin. . . .

You may print copies of the information for your own personal use and; reference this server from your own documents. Commercial use of the materials is prohibited without the written permission of the City and County of Denver. In all copies of this information, you must retain this notice and any other copyright notices originally included with such information.  The City and County of Denver reserves all other rights.

Copyright © 2006, City & County of Denver

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