Quick claim deeds ……rather interesting….NO?

You see when I am doing these well BPO’s (Broker Price Opinions) and have to look up information so I know how to present that information back to who ever is requesting the BPO.

It’s not a GET rich income but it pays for food and gas and keeps me INFORMED about my community and what is happening.  If I focused only on buyers and sellers…I would not  have such a good GRASP of the Market.

So BPO’s keep me in the “HOOD” so to speak and well-informed. . .

Take this QUICK CLAIM DEED on reception 2005013220 (rather recent)  The Return to :  was CPR Title  6350 W 92nd ave #150  Westminster,CO  80030…..a bit of a DRIVE from DOUGLAS COUNTY.

Troy D Walker and Michael A Money  (dba MIKE MONEY BUILDER)  as Grantor and Troy D. Walker and Michael A Money Grantee:

well yeah that’s 1117 Fremont Drive, Larkspur, CO 80118  but the NOTARY was State of Colorado County of Arapahoe. .. . .

So like do they own this HOUSE as of 2/14/2005????

UPDATE:  Here’s the thing….. If you do a legal in Douglas County  as  Lot 6,Block 2,Castlewood Ranch (or hide it and say Castlewood) and then Filing 1 well this  INCLUDES a WHOLE LOT of REAL ESTATE…..I’m just sayin. . .

As of TODAY this was true this AM:

6165 Millbridge  Lot 6 Blk 2 Castlewood Ranch Filling 1 PARCEL 5

1117 Fremont Lot 12 Blk 2 Sageport 2

1231 Atkinson  Lot6 Blk2 Castlewood Ranch Filling 1 PARCEL 6

5858 Raleigh  Lot 6 Blk 2 Castlewood Ranch Filling 1 PARCEL 12

and no information on EMLYN WILLIAMS…I couldn’t find it?

The Reception 2002083866  for Corporation Assignment of Deed of Trust in Emlyn  Williams name…..not coming up under Lot 6 Blk 2 Castlewood Ranch Filling 1 PARCEL 4

BRING IT. . . . . .

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